food guilt

July 24, 2010

Dean: What are you doing now?

Me: Sigh…I’ve been contemplating whether or not to go to the gym OR to have some pasta bake and read InStyle. One is winning by a mile…

Dean: You and gym…inseparable.

Of course he was being sarcastic. We both knew that was a lie.

Because we both knew I have already decided.

Sigh…my discipline level has gone down!

I felt so guilty because I have been indulging in food but haven’t exercised in ages! More calories piling up, and less being burned. Simple maths will tell me I’ll turn into a pumpkin if I keep up this unhealthy lifestyle. I used to have a personal trainer in London and ever since returning back to KL, I have never set foot in a gym. That’s a year already. Hehe.

Must join gym when I get back.

So I rang up my personal trainer and have arranged for an intensive back-to-back sessions with him until I return back to KL. Everyday, early in the morning. Why not…I’m up at 4 am everyday because of the jetlag anyway. And Subuh is at 2.30 am here! (btw, Maghrib is at 9-ish pm…My condolences to whoever has to go through Ramadhan here next month)

Wish me luck!

Need to lose some of these extra flabs that transformed from the plenty roti canai and nasi lemak that have visited my stomach.

Btw something’s wrong with my phone. When I send a text to anybody, they get 50 copies of it. Like seriously, one guy got 50 of the same text. I can’t wait to see my phone bill this month. If Maxis charges me on each one of those INTERNATIONAL texts, I’m going to throw a bitchfest at whoever answers the Maxis hotline.