hello again london

July 22, 2010

I am now in London!!!

*dances around*

13 hours on the plane; boredom sure makes you take random cloud pictures

Good morning, London town!

Technically, I’m here for work but well, knowing me, I will be sure to squeeze in pleasure time.

Top: See by Chloe

Yeah umm…re-discovered Photo Booth on Mac.


I was going through some UK things while packing and came across my student card and all sorts of student membership discount cards…Weirdly, the discount cards looked so worn out compared to the library membership card. Hehe. I can probably count with one hand how many times I’ve used that library card to borrow a law book. Yawn. E-learning, hello.

But in all seriousness, looking at that library card…I felt really nostalgic! Am I missing university and lectures?!!! Those thick books and late night studying?? Have I lost my mind?

It is sooo early in the morning now. My feet are itching to go out, but nothing is open at 7 am. So I decided to bug you instead! 🙂