kruk kruk

July 15, 2010

I have sad news.

I have to go for physiotherapy!!! Waaahhhhh!!!

I didn’t even know I had a problem.

It all started like this…

I took Opah for her regular check-up to our family doctor.

I had a slight temperature and neck pain but I thought it was just a small thing. Maybe I slept wrongly or something…

So, I brushed it off and just focused on making fun of Opah while she goes through her whole paper bag of medicine.

“Only one bag, Opah?” I laughed.

She was going through her magic Crocs bag (I need to have a word with whoever gave her that Crocs bag). She has everything in there! Her vitamins, her medicines, her Fisherman’s Friend, her Hacks sweets, her gold bracelets, her tasbih, her toothpicks… you could probably even find a TV in there.

We went in to see the doctor and he was amazed at how healthy Opah was at 89 years old. She was jovial, made jokes, I think she even tried to flirt with the doctor. Just a pity that she kind of lost the touch of flirting.

“Doctor, you are so handsome now! Last time I saw you were quite ugly, now your face is glowing. You look younger. Last time you looked really old and ugly.”

*slaps forehead*

“Opah, please stop talking…”

So after her check-up, I merely asked the doctor about my neck pain and fever.

He checked me and made that face that you never want to see on doctors or dentists or anyone who have years of education on how to slice you up.

“Hmm…something isn’t right on your right shoulder. I need to refer you to the bone doctor.”

“What’s wrong?!!”

“Nothing, nothing. Just slight issue. Let me pass you to my doctor friend. Hold on k.”


A few minutes later…

Opah and I were waiting outside the bone doctor’s clinic.

I was told to enter and I pushed Opah’s wheelchair in first. The doctor looked puzzled. “Who is the patient here?” Opah and him burst out laughing.

Ha. Ha. Such. A. Funny. Day.

So he did some arm exercises on me, and when he put pressure on my right shoulder bone, there was a “Kruk Kruk” sound.

“Can you swing your arms?”

Kruk, Kruk, Kruk.


“Hmmm…I see the problem now…you have torn muscles…”


“Torn what sorry?”

“Torn muscles in your right shoulder. Do you play any sports?”

Opah almost rolled off her wheelchair laughing. So rude.

Basically he explained that this started from too much time spent with the computer until my shoulders are tired and can’t take it anymore. Blogger syndrome! Then, I go for massages which worsen the condition further. Oopsss.

Anyway, thank God there is no operation needed. I just have to go for physiotherapy every week.

I went to the physiotherapy area downstairs and it was a huge room named…“REHAB”.


I don’t appreciate that.

Rehab…Never have I thought I’ll ever enter Rehab in any way at all.

I registered myself and made an appointment.

“Ermm…which one is Vivy?” The guy looked at me and Opah.

I sighed. “Me, ok?? I’m the one that needs physiotherapy.”

People have to stop rubbing it in. Pfftt.

But I’m quite curious what they’ll do to me there. It’ll be quite interesting to see how physiotherapy can cure my Kruk Kruk shoulder.

The doctor tried to make me feel better about my condition –> “You shouldn’t have this sort of condition. Only 80 year olds have it.”

A few minutes later…

“Did you hear what the doctor said? He said I was glowing and you’re old.”

Ugh, so smug.