nana and syafiq’s reception

July 26, 2010

Dare I say it was the perfect wedding.

Not just because of the decoration. Sometimes, you can be so bored even in the most beautiful setting.

This wedding was extra special because it was sooooo personalised and so much fun. There was a dance floor for performances and maybe poco-poco afterwards which the elders love??

There was a combination of long tables, round tables, gazebo areas, and long velvet couches for guests to chill. It was a buffet, which meant guests could mingle and walk around. And of course, you could always go for seconds without anybody realising!!

The entertainment was first class. Nana‘s brothers made video montages for her that were so creative and moving.

The first one was called Wedding Idol. Using the American Idol concept, they were looking for the ultimate Wedding Idol to sing at the wedding. They made a video mixture of their friends pretending to be at the audition and the American Idol judges responding. I don’t know how to explain it, you had to be there! It was so cleverly done! Flawless.

And finally, they found their Wedding Idol winner. From the video, you could only see his silhouette and  him walking to the hotel.

Then in the ballroom itself, the lights dimmed and cameraman focused on a man’s back. He was the Wedding Idol “winner”. He turned around and it turned out to be Nana’s own dad. He sang a song for the couple and it was so sweet.

The second video montage was played. The brothers interviewed the couple’s friends and family about the couple and beautiful pictures of their memories played on the screen. It was for us to know the couple a little bit better. At the end, they showed the akad nikah ceremony which was also beautifully done.

There was a lot of singing by famous Malaysian singers, and also a song sung by the family  to Nana and her new husband (they had a live choir singing behind them too!!).

At the end, there was a flashmob dance performed by the couple’s family and friends. About 35 of them! So cool.

Needless to say, everybody had a smashing time. It wasn’t an ordinary Malay wedding. It was so much more. So much detail and effort were put into it and all of the guests appreciated it as well, I’m sure.

Oh, and I bet all of us there wished we had brothers who would make nice professional video montages and sing and dance for us!

*shoots a look at my sister*

The flashmob dance!

Love was really in the air.

The bride and groom were so radiant and Nana looked beautiful in her jaw-dropping wedding gown.

Congratulations, Nana and Syafiq!

May you be blessed forever with happiness and many beautiful children.