office lunches

July 20, 2010

The office is not a place for fun, it’s a place to work. But let’s be honest, all work and no play makes us very grumpy all day.

In the office, we have several usual phrases of the day:

“Where is that report?!!”

“Who jammed the photostat machine?”

“There’s no more toilet paper!!”

But our favourite of all:

“What’s for lunch??”

Lunch hour; the hour of fun and goss. Yes, we’re in the construction industry where things are not as glamorous but hey, we know our Bazaar and In Style trivia (People keep leaving magazines in the toilet!). So, that is when we gather round and dish out all sorts of stories.

We had a small pot luck amongst the girls the other day and we all showed off our ahem cooking talents.

Apparently, NO ONE used pre-ready meals and just heated them up before going to work.


Everyone was a true blue chef.

I made brownies because well, let’s face it, that’s the only thing I would trust myself to feed others and not give stomachaches.

I did the mixing and the baking so early in the morning in my pyjamas. It was literally: bed –> toothbrush –> mixing bowl.

It wasn’t done with much love (morning grumpiness), so the brownie didn’t even rise as much as it should have! Haha. Cooking 6 am in the morning –> Not my thing.

McDonald’s breakfast for the family, anyone?

It was extra hard at the edges that I had to bang the Pyrex to cut a piece.

Besides cooking for each other, we also loveeeee going out to eat. Chilis, Dome, Alexis, stall food, you name it, we’ve had it together. Sometimes, we tapau food and just squeeze at a victim’s table using newspaper as our placemats and boxes as our stools. It’s really “A” for effort during lunch hour.

If you think about it, the people you spend most of your time with are your colleagues. 5 days of the week, it’s those faces you see everyday. So, you better love them!

Recently, we tried this Korean BBQ restaurant called Seoul Garden.

I was sooooo impressed with the variety of food available, and it was so cheap!!!

RM 25 per person.


Sigh, that was an embarrassing day for some of us. Walking out of the restaurant clutching our tummies in case they drag on the floor.

I have a theory; yes, buffet means all you can eat. BUT if you take very little food at one trip, you’ll end up walking a lot to the buffet table and back. So technically, you’re exercising, no?


Everytime we visit Seoul Garden now, my colleagues and I become zombies at work afterwards.

Too. Full.

And then we complain about our weights and we end up hating ourselves for eating too much. Typical girls.

Seoul Garden is really not bad for a fun group lunch/dinner. It’s Korean BBQ cum Steamboat because on top of the BBQ, you also get either Tom Yam soup of chicken soup. The decor isn’t 5 star, nor is the food. But at RM 25 per person, IT WILL SATISFY YOU. Seriously, I really like the Bulgogi beef, black pepper chicken and the kuey teow!

Piping hot food *drool*

Such a cool pic right? I feel so artsy hehe.