once a month

July 30, 2010


We’ve all been there.

Breakouts start appearing, the fridge gets emptier, and we start yelling at every living thing around us.

It’s that time of the month. When most women turn into monsters.

The time when my phone rings less and Dean is suddenly always “busy”….I mean, sorry la!! Not our fault…it’s the hormones that make us want to throw things at you.

Periods! Sigh…

It’s so funny sometimes. Anything the men do is wrong.


Buy flowers:

“It’s not my birthday. Now what did you do wrong?!! Tell me, tell me. It’s another girl, isn’t it??!!!”

Puts flower in the shredder.


Buy chocolates:

“You want to make me even fatter than I already am?!!! You think I like chocolate?!! You think I’m fat?! You think I’m fat, don’t you???”

Throws chocolates in his face.


Send lovey texts or emails:

“What’s with all the smiley face?? OH GROW UP!!”



Doesn’t send lovey texts or emails:


Cries uncontrollably and asks for a break-up.


Merely asks if we’re ok:

“What do you mean am I ok?!! You think I’m not ok? Huh?! You think I’m crazy?”

Picks man up by his shirt collar.


Okla, these are crazy extreme scenarios of PMS. Men, if your women are like this, seriously think about enrolling her into anger management classes.

But periods can really affect some women. I know friends who can’t even get out of bed because of period pain, and some who gain 2 kilos every month due to binge-eating, and some friends who are soooo moody that even I feel like slapping them.

For me, I’ll probably get breakouts.  Of course it pisses me off so much, because this always happens when there’s an event or an important meeting the next day. Always. My pimples; smartest pimples in the world.

But that’s ok. I just smile and welcome them with open arms because they’re just my kindly reminders to buy pads.

Then during the period, I’ll feel very tired. Like climbing a flight of stairs is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. For the next few days, I’ll be Ms. I-don’t-feel-like-doing-anything-today. Such a joy to be around.

Sometimes it’s really all in the head. So it’s good to have some pick me ups and keep ourselves feeling fresh throughout the day.

My tips to staying fresh during periods:

1)      Shower!! Sometimes 3-4 times a day if that’s what it takes to refresh me. Instant freshness: cold showers.


2)      Wear bright coloured clothes. Yellow head to toe? Why not? Whatever it takes to psyche our brain.

3)      Anything minty. Breathmints, mint chocolate, mint milkshake, mint air-fresheners.


4)      Soothing facial masks!



5)      Change pads often. It’s really disgusting to go through hours wearing the same pad. It’s dirty! For me, the best pads out there is Whisper.


Keeps me feeling fresh and comfortable throughout my period because of its fresh absorbent core. No leakages too!

6)      Don’t let periods get to our heads. So you’re bleeding, so what? So are other millions of women out there. No need to kill your loved ones because of it. Hehe.

But don’t tell the men about Tip no. 6. Let them shower us with extra TLC during that one week. Whine all you want and blame it on the period. Demand flowers, cakes, chocolates, ice-cream…. We are, after all, “injured”. *wink*

I personally don’t think we can pull that excuse off. I’ve never done it. But hey, let me know how it goes!