packing for every ocassion

July 30, 2010

One thing I didn’t inherit from my mom is her packing skills.

Oh my mom is fantastic.

You can give her so much and she’ll be all calm packing for you. Everything will be so neat and when you arrive at your destination, everything is still in its place. Even if you give her mountains of clothes and things, but she’ll just go la la la and fit it all in whatever suitcase size you have. One of these days, I’m going to throw in a TV and see what she does with it. If you give me mountains of clothes to pack , I’ll throw a fit around the house and maybe even have a migraine.

I love the idea of travelling light but I never seem to be able to do so! I’d be the worst back-packer ever. I always think Ohhh I might need that, Ohhh I’ll miss that, Ohh this might go with that… all these evil things in my head that tell me I need to add more things into my suitcase. For me, it’s better to bring than not bring.

But that comes with a price; suitcase space. 

Packing for KL was so funny.

I spent my last day with Stella and she helped me out with packing since I know I would need it! It’s hard for some people ok?!!

I tried to be all neat and stuff but it still turned out like this…

How to close this?!!

Come on, close!!!!

Great….what do I do with you now?

Nvm, I’ll try another way.

Sit on it! I’d lie down on it, roll on it, jump on it….whatever it takes.


Stella laughing her head off at the amount of stuff I brought. So mean!! You never know, ok….you have to be prepared for any ocassion.

Gym shoes, stilettos for dinner meetings, wedges for day, flats for walking. Then you need to see whether or not those shoes match whatever clothes you brought!! So hard to be a girl. I remember a tip someone gave me; plan your outfits from head to toe and take pictures of them so you remember. And then stick to it.

A lot of flaws in that strategy:

1) Us being girls follow our moods. We might feel bloated and decide we don’t want to wear that tight fitting dress we planned. We might hurt our feet and not want to wear heels. We might get our periods unexpectedly and can’t wear those white pants.

Ok…that’s it. One flaw. Hehe.

But really, who has the time to actually do all that?? Just mix and match when you get there and to do that, you need to bring options!!

Well, clearly my way is wrong if I have to sit on my suitcase to close it.

Man, how do you guys pack???