good morning

July 7, 2010

Sleeping late, waking up early; obviously I need some pick-me-ups in the morning.

Coffee doesn’t do it for me because I don’t take caffeine. Not voluntarily though because I actually get headaches from caffeine. Sometimes I get jealous seeing my colleagues gulp down a big cup of coffee and instantly light up. What’s in that magic drink?!

Sigh, you guys have it so easy, you coffee lovers.

Some days are just sleepy days where you just want to sleep in a little longer. But life doesn’t work like that! You need to suck it up and postpone your sleepiness to go on with your daily life. In order to stay awake during these kind of days, I have to constantly amuse myself.

Like putting on loud music while I get ready for work in the morning. I’m still not tired of Justin Bieber for some miraculous reason.

Or take a cold shower!

Or looking for bird’s nests outside my window…it’s really sad that I was so happy to snap this photo.

Or forcing celery juice down my throat every morning…it’s really good for health. Tastes horrible but just tell yourself it’s Coke! Or just do it my style; pinch your nose shut and just gulp it down in one shot.

That’s Opah there if it’s not obvious enough. I know some of you have requested for Opah stories, but to be honest she’s been really boring these days. Yawn. But really, someone needs to tell her that ridiculous beanie has GOT to go!! She won’t listen to me. She looks like a swimmer, all she needs is some goggles.

But the best pick-me-up was a few weeks ago when I came down to see this freakishly large fruit.

I was so amused. Jakun a bit.

Had to rub my eyes to make sure it wasn’t just my groggy eyes that were messing with my brain.

The nangka (or cempedak…WHATEVER!) was as big as the table!! 2 people had to carry it and it was really funny watching them cutting the fruit open. Unfortunately, the actual fruit inside wasn’t the best I’ve tasted. See, less is more!

Anyway, what gets YOU excited in the morning?