plastic lifeline

July 12, 2010

When you start working, you can no longer take money from your parents.

Which genius came up with this idea?!!

It should be When you get married, you can no longer take money from your parents.

Even then, it’s debatable. Hehe.

Well, I guess it makes sense that you should no longer burden your parents when you can earn your own income. Their responsibility stops when you get a job and are able to fend for yourself. They’ve worked so hard to put you in school and make something out of your education, so then it’s up to you after you step into the working world.

That’s from the very nice and responsible child’s point of view.

From the very kind-hearted and loving parent’s point of view:

I word so hard for what? For my family. To give everything they wish for, to put food on the table, to make my family happy. My poor child. She studied so hard through school, and she is generally a good girl who doesn’t give me huge headaches. And now she’s earning Malaysian market salary in this city where the living standards is really high. Hmm….Maybe I will give her a credit card.


I mean, you shouldn’t burden your parents obviously, but if they GIVE you something, are you really going to hurt their feelings and give the present back?

We have an understanding that the credit card is only used for emergencies. Yes, we agreed on that. What we can’t agree on is what counts as an emergency. I mean, come on…it’s subjective…

Every girl knows a pair of nude heels is CRUCIAL in any girl’s shoe closet. And every girl knows it’s really not easy to find the right nude heels. So, when this opportunity comes, you grab it! And it really doesn’t help that they have a promotion if you use a credit card from a certain bank. Ohh, what do you know?! I have that bank’s card! Such a coincidence.

My sister and I are unabashedly daddy’s girls. Even strangers who see us walking with our dads can see that. We are not super extravagant in that we swipe a new Chanel bag or a vacation on our dad’s cards. It’s just the smaller things that we just can’t resist. Especially because that particular bank always has promotions in all the shops we go to!!

So, every end of the month, we get a bit nervous.

Dad, holding a piece of paper which I always assume to be credit card statement.

Me, running out of his room.

It’s so funny. Some people run out when they see their parents holding report cards, I run out when I see my parents holding credit card statements.

“Come back here. What is Zara?” he asked, reading the paper.

“A clinic.” I answered, with a straight face.

At the end of the day, I know my sister and I (more me actually…a lot more me…) are just being cheeky daughters and pretty soon, this has got to stop, regardless of whether or not our dad minds or not. I believe that in the process of being adults, we also miss that security of having our dad pampering us like little girls. We miss our childhood!

It’s not easy to just cut off that little glimmering plastic lifeline just like that once you start work, especially when you are the baby of the family. I am trying, believe me! It’s just a lot more painful buying things when it’s a part of your salary. Hahahahah. But that’s life! Best to immerse yourself in career and not befriend shops for a while. Hello, reality.