reunion at harrods

July 24, 2010

I did my A Levels in a girls’ boarding school in the UK.

Of course, GIRLS ONLY boarding school. Trust my parents to dump me there just so they can sleep better at night. Pftt. They don’t know that sometimes girls’ schools are even wilder 😉

My memories there deserve a whole separate post or even more, but I’d conclude that I had a wonderful time there and most of that had to do with the friendships I’ve picked up in that tiny boarding house.

One of them was Ridz. Ridz, Krish and I were best friends in college and we did everything together, it must’ve been so annoying for the others! Hehe. But really, Ridz and I are so alike in many ways that it is hard to ignore that fact. We were roommates for a term and we had the most fun together, goofing around and being silly teenagers.


Vest: French Connection

After college, everyone sort of went their own paths. We went to different unis, we worked in different cities and some, like me, went back to our home countries. Ridz went to McGill in Canada for her degree while I stayed in London, so I couldn’t see her as often anymore 🙁

Yesterday I really knew the power of Facebook.

I wrote that I was in London, and Ridz commented that she was here as well.

We IMMEDIATELY contacted each other.

“I’m on the way to Harrods.”

“ME TOO!!”

Some things never change.


We had lunch at my favourite cafe, Patisserie Valerie (now called Gran Caffe or something like that) next to Harrods and I had my Croque Funghi. Mushroom, cheese, bread. So simple but sooo yummm. Oh I’ve missed you!

*points at Harrods* …E.T. Home….

Ridz got a new place in London and she was in the midst of doing up her flat. Carpets, mattresses, beds, wallpaper, all the adult stuff. We went to Harrods to check out the house stuff.

I have so much respect for people working at the carpet shop. Carpets were stacked on top of each other and customers would just stand there while 2 men flip the heavy carpets until the customer says “I like this one.”

It’d be so annoying if the customer liked the LAST carpet. Hehe. Or worse, if they don’t like anything.

But I guess it’s great biceps exercise for these men. They don’t have to go to the gym anymore.

Then we moved on to mattresses.

Harrods has such an extensive range of mattresses. Hard, soft, all sorts of mattresses.

Oh we had so much fun lying down on £10,000 mattresses. I have never tried this kind of shopping before. You could almost say, “Hold on, I’m going to take a nap on this to see if I like it,” and just sleep in Harrods. Genius.

Cardigan: Alannah Hill

Jeans: Bettina Liano

Me getting slighly bored of all the mattress talk. I mean, whatever Ridz, just pick one!!

It was just like old times. Even though we hadn’t seen each other for ages, there was no awkwardness. We dove right in to the juicy updates of our lives and the familiarity of each other just came flooding back.

And just like old times, we also made fun of the ridiculously expensive things in Harrods.

Ridz lying down on the most expensive mattress in the world at £65,000

The most expensive carpet in Harrods at £154,795

Expensive Swarovski lighting at £86,000

Harrods, you never fail to amuse people.

I blogged about Harrods being taken over by Qatar Group from Al-Fayed in May. This was my first visit there after the takeover.

I was curious to see if Qatar management took down Al-Fayed’s statue in the menswear department.

In case you were wondering….







He’s still standing proud there.