something old and something new

July 27, 2010

I finally got to meet Stella for lunch! Gosh, i missed her!!

She and I were inseparable during uni days and people would call me Stella and her Vivy sometimes. One person came up to me in lecture and asked, “Hi Stella. Where’s Vivy?” I didn’t bother correcting her.

For three years, we were like a team in uni. We’d turn up to lectures all dressed up and in heels and stilettos. ALL the time. It was ridiculous. But actually quite normal, because LSE girls were almost always dressed up! I even saw students in Birkin bags!!

Looking back now, my god, we were so stupid. We should’ve just worn loafers and big LSE jumpers to uni.Β University is supposed to be the most chilled out time of our lives.Β Nobody to impress anyway! Haha.

We hadn’t seen each other in 6 months so we were a bit embarrassing at the tube station. I met her there and we both kind of looked like this. Grins so wide, running (in heels) to each other, making a scene.

Can’t wait for her to come back!!

Oh I got myself a handbag!!!

Before you go into “She’s such a brat, she’s so annoying, she’s this, she’s that” mode, this handbag was a present to myself to commemorate my one year mark working. I saved up for this bag (a lot easier when you are single and without kids) and now, here it is!!!







Louis Vuitton Speedy bag

I love the Speedy bag. You can dump ANYTHING in there. And it’s so squishy yet durable, you can almost throw it around and rest assured it won’t get injured.

I had it personalised to make it more special. I chose the company colours; green and yellow (it’s actually green and gold, but I cheated with yellow) and had my initials stamped as well. No one would actually steal this bag unless they have the same initials as me! Hopefully, they don’t like green and yellow. Hehe.

I’m obsessed with this bag!!

I’m out a few thousand bucks now. Time to eat crumbs and biscuits for a while! Hehe.

(I didn’t realise they were the colours of Brasil!)