titanium model

July 7, 2010

I was walking, minding my own business in a shopping mall. Then one girl in a school uniform pointed to me and exclaimed angrily, “How come she doesn’t have to wear a school uniform?”


Because I’m not in school anymore, genius. I’ll smack you with my IC !!!

How rude to speak to your elders *ahem* like that.

Poor me…I’ll look like a school kid all my life. (I guess I’ll be thankful when I’m 40, looking like a 25 year old… *blows nail*)

Then I started thinking of those school days when uniform was the only option. No style expression whatsoever. Well, some of us tried to roll up our skirts and purposely forgot to button up our shirts to make ourselves look sexier. Sigh, kids these days…

And I had blond hair and manicured fingernails all the time – I was not a school favourite, that’s for sure. Thank God the prefects were my best friends. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now that I’m working I’m enjoying the freedom of dressing up to work. When I graduated, I bought so many black suits and I find that I never wear them anymore! So boring; black head to toe. Unless you have to dress like that.

I’m comfortable wearing trousers to work, so I normally dress up with a nice blouse, tucked in or out. Or for really lazy days, I just throw on a jacket or blazer. I keep the accessories to a minimum because it’s really annoying to write or type with bangles clunking to each other. Just a simple pendant, or better yet, classy earrings to draw attention to the face when you talk to clients or guests. And heels, always. You can read my entry on work wardrobe if you want.

Speaking of work, our Titanium Residence & Mall project in East Jakarta is almost ready to be launched!

We just got the huge model and was so excited. How fun is it to be an architect?! You get to glue the trees and make miniature people and stuff.

We have almost 1,000 units of medium cost apartments with facilities, and a 2-floor shopping mall at the bottom. We’ve made our mark in Indonesia before, but this will be the first housing project for us. So, we’re excited to give 5-star quality to this project.

If you’re Indonesian, you should get a unit or two for investment or to stay! Foreigners like us Malaysians can only own property through a local company, so hurry up and set up a company there so you can buy more of our projects in the future! Hehe.

I can’t reveal too much yet, but watch this space ok?!