TLC Series: The meet…

July 16, 2010

I met Madam Chan!!

She was lovely!! She smiled, she laughed, she said a few words. Her stroke is not very bad, thank God. She just can’t walk, but she can move her upper body well. According to her daughter, Cathy, she has had stroke for 3 years. At the beginning stage, she couldn’t even move out of bed. Thankfully, she got better throughout the years.

I was so excited to tell her stories and to hear her stories but my excitement was dampened because she doesn’t really speak Malay or English… *slaps forehead* When I learned that she can only converse in Cantonese, I was tempted to break a record of learning the language in a couple of days. Hehe. But sadly, I’m no genius. So, Cathy kindly translated for us.

The first meeting was actually for us to get to know each other. Have lunch and chat.

But it didn’t go as planned.

Because Mr. Weatherman decided it would rain cats and dogs!!

I managed to get my first task done, though; To get Madam Chan a tailor-made blouse, custom-made to her preference.

Mimpikita has kindly agreed to sponsor me. As I am one of their loyal customers, I know that Mimpikita can give the best to Madam Chan.

Nurul and her designer were there to greet us and kindly helped Madam Chan on and off her wheelchair. It was raining heavily and everyone was so helpful with the umbrellas!

Madam Chan was shown colour templates to choose the colour of her blouse. She took a while to decide because we were excitedly shoving ideas to her!

This is nice, that is nice, this and that are nice, Oh this is also nice! Which one do you want Madam Chan? Ohhh no, THIS is nice. Hehe.

After we all calmed down, she finally chose a colour; soft pink.

Nurul sketched a design and after Madam Chan gave her approval, Nurul took her measurements and her blouse was ready to be made.

The plan was to adjourn for drinks afterwards, but since it was pouring even heavier outside and we were both drenched wet, Cathy suggested we postpone to another day. I was disappointed but I knew that we’d all be more comfortable talking and eating while you know…dry….

Seriously, both Cathy and I were soaked! Like showering!


Jeans: Hudson

Even though we had a short meeting, I had a nice time meeting Madam Chan and Cathy. I got to know them a little bit and they were both such lovely people.


Sssshhhh nobody tell Opah ok!! Even she doesn’t have a Mimpikita top!