TLC Series: The update…

July 23, 2010

Since I had to travel, I have not been able to meet Madam Chan but have been in close contact with her daughter, Cathy. Texting her at work and all. Hehe.

Madam Chan’s Mimpikita blouse is in the works and will be ready for her special surprise at the end of my pledge. I’m sure it will look lovely on her!

I have 2 more meets with her. When I get back to KL, I have arranged a lunch and jalan-jalan session with Madam Chan and Cathy. I asked Cathy where Madam Chan would prefer to go around and Cathy said anywhere is fine. Doesn’t help!! Can anyone suggest a wheelchair-friendly mall that would be appealing to a 60-year old lady?

My last meet with her will be a surprise. It’s not included in her pledge, but I thought it would be nice to do a little something for Madam Chan. I am now working to settle everything and I will reveal it once everything has been confirmed!