amanda’s wedding

August 8, 2010

It was a beautiful mix of Malay and Indian culture.

Guests were greeted by two white elephants at the hotel entrance. The walkway was lit by beautiful lights and contrasted with black loose draping as background. Then, you enter the ballroom, where yellow and blue conquered the hall and there stood a grand white gazebo with flowers and chandeliers for the bersanding ceremony. Long tables were neatly arranged for guests to take their seats while waiting for the bride and groom’s entrance.

It was like a celebratory festival, and in fact it was! Guests were entertained by Indian dance and performances, even one involving fire at the end! The bride’s brother opened with a speech, then the bride and groom had a few words, followed by a final speech by the bride’s parents. Video montages were played; one was a video clip of the bride lipsynching to “Mama’s Song” by Carrie Underwood. The other was a surprise by both the couple’s parents who made a Bollywood dance video for their children. Omg, they were so sporting wearing wigs and dancing with back-up dancers and lipsynching. I seriously cannot imagine MY parents doing that!! My mom dancing in her tudung…hahaha let’s not go there.

What’s special about this wedding was that the couple, both very active in giving back to society, dedicated their marriage to continuously help lives of others less fortunate. Any proceeds from the night went to Children’s Foundation and the newlyweds hope that this will help children get better shelter, food and education. Representatives from the foundation were invited and they came on stage and passed lit candles to the couple as a symbol of hope.

The night ended with Amanda and Saify cutting their wedding cake with the guests for us to eat and share a slice of their happiness.

And of course, more dancing!!

Manda and Saify, all the best in your new journey as husband and wife. You guys are a really sweet couple and Insyaallah, this will go on forever. 🙂