as good as you want to be

August 19, 2010

One thing about growing up; you have less time for friends.


That’s OK if the friend isn’t a very good one, but you need to maintain the relationship with the ones who make you happy!

Toots is one of them. A friend for life, to me. She has seen the best and the worst, and is very very loyal. She’s constantly directing me to be a better person and whenever I’m mad or in my ranting mode, she always asks me to see the good in people. Whenever she prays, she always leaves the sejadah open afterwards for me to make sure I pray too (either that or she’s very lazy to fold!). At this challenging age, you need to start choosing your friends. Fun and drama is primary school, adulthood is the time to surround yourself with people who motivate and inspire you to be better and succeed.

I haven’t seen Toots in soooooo long. She’s busy, I’m busy. She’s free, I’m out of town. I’m free, she’s studying for her CA (over-achiever since young).


Finally, we made time for each other. And that’s only because both of us need to do our hair and we purposely allowed our hair to be disgusting until BOTH of us were free. Things you do for friendship.

My top: Nanette Lepore

Of course some camwhoring was involved.

At the salon, we couldn’t even talk to each other! Stylists were busy scolding us to turn our heads to the mirror so they could work properly.

So in the end, we were BBM-ing each other.

Next to each other.


No difference than any other normal day! But it definitely felt nicer being in each other’s presence.

Afterwards, I accompanied her while she did threading.

Me: Bla bla bla…you know….bla bla bla…and then, she said that to me….bla bla bla… can you believe it?…bla bla…WHY ARE YOU NOT LISTENING?

All the while holding her hand as she was in pain. Sigh, I’m so sweet.

At the salon, I managed to finish a book by Paul Arden.

A Ramadhan gift from my favourite architect and it definitely was worth a read.

It’s a very short motivational book, and has lots of pictures in it (yayyy!!!).

It gave me a different perspective on working attitudes and really made me want to be as good as I want to be. And after reading this book, I want to be really really good.

Ok, enough promoting. Go buy.