August 4, 2010

Hello from the North!!!

Not North Pole…just North of Peninsular. Hehe.

Ok this is going to be a quick one…will update more later.

But this is just too funny not to post. I was having roti canai at a mamak restaurant and somehow my colleagues and I were having a conversation about our birthplaces. Where we born, what hospital etc.. I was a bit shy to tell where I came from.

But FINE OK!!!


According to my sister, it’s near some big longkang in Selangor.

Not a fancy private hospital or anything, but literally Dr. Bala’s clinic.

Bless him, don’t know where he is now. Hope he’s still around…He is, after all, the first face I saw coming into this world.

But yeah anyway, Klinik Bala didn’t sound so bad after my director told me about this one hospital in Singapore.

KK Hospital.

But it actually stands for HOSPITAL KANDANG KERBAU.



It was called that ages ago and they never changed the name. Just kind of gave it a shortform: KK. Sounds A LOT better.

They have a website ok!!! It’s a pretty impressive one at that, even. And it is a renowned hospital which the Singaporeans are proud of, boasting professional and capable staff and also international patients from all over the world! The largest hospital for women and children in Singapore. In 1966, it entered the Guiness Book of Records for the highest number of deliveries, and it continued to hold this record for a decade. The old hospital was marked as a national historic site by Singaporean government as a tribute for delivering 1.2 million Singaporeans!!


Just to show don’t judge something by its name!