bouncing back

August 22, 2010

I know how much some of you like Opah, so I did not want to reveal how ill she was in the past few weeks. But she’s fine now, so I guess it’s alright for me to talk about her.

It all started when I left for London recently. She was hospitalised in the HDU (High Dependency Unit) for a few days, and got all of us worried. I don’t know the medical term, but basically she has some problems with her lungs. Dean said she called out for me, and kept asking when I was coming back, so of course I was just itching to get on a plane home. (Bad memory, because my other grandmother passed away minutes before my emergency flight home to KL to see her…in a way I think God knows I wouldn’t have been able to handle it).

When I got home, she was already discharged and when I saw her, she was so happy! She smiled even though she was tired.

For weeks, she was so weak. She was moody and in pain, and she wanted love and attention more than ever. There’s a single bed next to Opah’s bed, and night after night, Mom and I squeezed in that one single bed to sleep with Opah. She just wanted us to be around, which was difficult for me because of my work commitment.

Every morning before I go to work, Opah takes her wheelchair and would wait for me near the car. I’d kiss her and off I go to work. That was our routine. But she hasn’t been doing that because she was sick.

Recently, one morning, I went to her room and couldn’t find her. Then, when I went outside, there she was waiting for me in her wheelchair, grinning! Yayyyyy! I was so happy to see her all energized again.

Top: Pepe Jeans

Opah is fine now. Back to her normal self again. Jovial, hungry and oh soooo talkative… I fell asleep once as she was going on and on about something. Hehe.

I snapped this photo while she was sleeping. Bought her that T-shirt in London. I bet in a few days, suddenly there will be a pocket sewn on it…Opah puts pockets on everythinggg!! I never leave my silk shirts around her…she might get bored and want to channel her fashion design skills…