breaking fast

August 17, 2010

I usually don’t like going out to buka puasa.

Not because I have something against buffets. I’m not crazy or anything.

But because I have an Ustazah Mommy at home.

Me: Mom, I’m breaking fast outside tonight k.

Mom: Mommy tak tahu la apa nak jadi dengan anak Mommy ni. Mommy tak ajar anak Mommy keluar malam macam ni. Bulan puasa bulan yang patut you baca Quran banyak-banyak, sembahyang terawih dekat masjid, berzikir all the time. Not go out hoo-ha hoo-ha malam-malam. Lagi satu Mommy nak cakap, Ramadhan buffet in the hotels, not all halal ok. Mommy pergi kelas agama, Mommy learn so many things. Anak-anak Mommy tak pernah nak ikut, kalau cakap pasal agama sikit, terus nak tukar subject. Mommy tahu you all dah besar, tapi agama mesti ingat. Jangan ikutkan hati je…



Me: Yes, Mom.

Mom: I don’t know anymore. You want to hoo-haa outside, you go la. I already told you.


Time to pile on the youngest-child charm.

Me: Ok Mom. I rarely do this. Islam doesn’t forbid you from eating out, righttt? *snuggles into her arms hehe* We can choose to pray at home, pray at the mosque, pray in the surau, God will still love you, rightttt? *gives her a kiss on the cheek* I’m not going hoo-haa, I’m just going to buka puasa with a buffet.

Of course I got what I wanted, but only because I went out AFTER maghrib to respect the prayer times.

Sheesh generation gap. If this gets her worked up, I’d hate to see how she reacts if I tell her I want to go clubbing or something!

I went to PJ Hilton buffet with some friends and their family.

PJ Hilton buffet is largely Malaysian food, so don’t expect any international cuisine there. Everything was yummy, as always.

Top: Topshop

Headband: Sereni & Shentel

Nick and Dean; best friends since school

Dean sent me home and into the house to hang out with Mom and Opah, as usual. He does that everytime he takes me out.

After almost 4 years, he is still such a polite boy 🙂

Sibuk only

Much better!

On another ocassion, I went to Nikko Hotel to entertain some company guests who came from outside KL.

Nikko buffet; food selection is good, but food itself wasn’t amazing.

Even so, the company is half the fun, so the night still ended very good.

Also a plus point; I met a lovely PD blog reader who so sweetly came up to me to say hey.

Stole this from her blog.

Ok time to kiss Mommy’s butt now. I have another buka puasa event soon. Oh no.