Get out of my way, you &^%&!!

August 23, 2010

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The place where people swear the most; on the road.

My god, sometimes, it’s like a swearing contest while stressed and tired drivers drive home from work or when we’re late to get to a destination. Suddenly, everybody else is stupid and we’re the only ones with the important purpose.

I’ve had my share of impatience on the road, believe me. Sometimes you just want to make a song out of the honking noise, but the best thing to do is BREATHE. Inhale, exhale, put on some Michael Buble song and just smile.

If everybody can be a little more patient on the road, the road would be a much safer place. We should try to be a little less selfish and give way to people, we should be more alert and watch when people give signals, and most importantly we should FOLLOW THE ROAD RULES.

We’ve all taken driving tests! Remember the grueling process of sitting through hours of a guy talking and making silly hand gestures? All a big blur now? Hehe. Well, it’s time to revisit the road signs and its meanings, and some basic road rules like whose way is it etc.

My top: Topshop

Now, who doesn’t have this kind of picture? Two or more (or even one!) persons being vain and just having a fun time cam-whoring in the car. I’m sure we’ve all done it once in our lives, right girls? *cough*or hundreds of times*cough*

My top: 3.1 Phillip Lim

And which girl hasn’t touched up their make-up in a terrible jam? Suddenly, we all think we’re Lindsay Lohan.

Well…I’m not saying stop doing these fun (sometimes very necessary) things in the car, but for god’s sake, make sure the car is stationary and you’re not actually driving while doing this. And make sure you have your brakes on or put the gear on P.

Don’t give girls a bad name. Not only is it dangerous if you accidentally hit a car in front of you, but it is actually very stupid and embarrassing if the reason was vanity.

Road safety is something we all know, but it’s more important to know and practise it. I love having a blog because I get to talk about important things like road safety and know what’s happening.

Like this MUFORS Road Reels Competition.

MUFORS is a community project to help raise awareness on road safety. Through them, we Malaysians can give our thoughts on road safety and how to improve and lessen accident rates in our country.

They are having a short film competition for students in unis and colleges with the theme “Attitudes on Roads – A Malaysian Journey.”

Creativity is up to you, but basically film a short video on how road safety can be improved once we all realize that it really starts in us, in our attitudes.

The nice thing is that not only does the winner win prizes, but his/her university/college ALSO gets some prizes too. And it’s ALL CASH MONEY, BABY… It’ll be a really fun team effort between the students and their uni/college.

Closing date is on the 30th of October 2010.

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