gobble up

August 27, 2010

I like to wake up for sahur. I usually take sahur seriously because well, I’ll be hungry and thirsty for the next half a day. Also, thinking about some craving I have and cursing myself for not eating it earlier. It’s like “Eat all you can before it’s too late!!”

At home, of course, you get what you want. But when you’re in another territory, you’re bound to accept whatever they serve.

I’m up North again and staying in a hotel that supposedly has a 4 star rating (I shall not name the hotel).

And I wanted to cry looking at their sahur!! Wahhhh I want my mommyyyyy.

That is all they served for sahur. Rice, one curry, eggs and vege.

I know some of you think I’m ungrateful or whatever, but it’s not about being ungrateful. It’s about fighting for what you deserve and not being bullied into any situation you’re given (in any life situation…this is of course a very small thing, but it’s the same concept). What if some people don’t eat this?! What if some people are allergic or something? Shouldn’t they give SOME variety to paying customers? At least bread?!

We paid the same as the breakfast buffet, so technically we should get the same value as the massive breakfast buffet. Naturally, I was a bit upset that we were not getting our money’s worth.

The chefs were probably lazy to prepare more than this because it was too early in the morning.

Hello, 4-star hotel, live up to your ratings please?

Other hotels usually give an extensive sahur buffet which they will just carry on for the breakfast buffet. The time gap between the two is so short anyway, you can combine them!

The first day I just kept quiet. Trying to keep up with “Let’s Be More Patient” Ramadhan spirit. But the 2nd day, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

After I gave my two cents to the staff, my colleague and I went to 7-11 (LOVE 24 hour shops!) to get some other sahur. It was  5 am and I have never gone out that early in a dark and remote area so I was clinging on to my driver’s arm for security. Not that anyone even looked at me. Haha. I look extremely “exotic” (a nicer word for scary) at 5 in the morning.

Look at our stash that will just make any health freak shake their heads in disapproval.

We were somewhat satisfied stuffing our faces while watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother in the hotel room.

Prayed Subuh, and off to take a couple hours nap before starting our day.

Imagine waking up next to these aliens! Hehe.

Good night people! 🙂