happy ramadhan everyone!

August 11, 2010

The best food of all is really the ones by the roadside.

If you have a strong stomach that is not prone to aches and pain, go for it!!

Yummy, fresh and cooked in front of you.

Mee Mohd. Ali stall in Kedah that I went last week

Ooohh when it’s piping hot…drool.

And cold, cold, drink…



Just testing your iman.


Yesterday, I was a whale. I ate everything I saw to prepare for a whole month of Ramadhan. Hehe terrible.

We weren’t sure whether or not Ramadhan falls today or tomorrow because the announcement had not come out on TV yet.

Sister: Dey, tomorrow Ramadhan is it?

Me: Hold on ah…let me ask God.


Went for tarawikh yesterday and only then I truly realised that Ramadhan has arrived!! And I was amazed at how fast time flies!

Alhamdulillah, another year has gone by and it’s time for us to reflect on ourselves this past year. Ramadhan is the best time to ask for forgiveness from God. It’s a beautiful month, full of challenges and forgiveness teaching us to be more patient. So let’s all embrace it and become better people.

And of course, when people offer you food, say TAK NAK.

Willpower, people.