ladies and careers

August 14, 2010

Career has a funny relationship with us ladies.

We want it all (the high-flying career), but then reality hits when our partners call to ask what’s for dinner. I don’t have to be married to know all this; I see it happening everywhere.

It’s easy to say we can juggle both; career and family. But women are undeniably expected to take on many responsibilities. Fair or unfair, feminist or not, whatever la k….we have uteruses, men don’t. Bottom line is; baby wants milk.

It scares me just a little bit when I reallyyyy think about what happens after marriage. In Islam, your husband is your king…not your boss, not your dad, not your client. So if your husband tells you he doesn’t want you to work, you jolly well watch E! at home (hmmm…doesn’t sound so bad actually…hehe).  Sometimes some lucky ones have understanding husbands who aren’t demanding, but no matter what, the wife will always feel guilty knowing that her husband is home and she is still in the office.

I foresee myself travelling frequently for the next few years and I have no idea how a family can fit in this arrangement. When I’m told that I have to travel somewhere tomorrow, it’s so simple; I just get my bags and go because I don’t have any other responsibilities.

But those with a family, is it fair for the family if the wife/mom to leave her family behind? As for the working lady, is it fair to deny her from flourishing in something she loves?

 Sorry I know the pixelating is annoying, but I have to for professional reasons.

I’m enjoying my career life and I would hate if that is taken away from me once a ring is put on my finger. At the same time, I would loveee to have a happy family. And I know a lot of people with this exact sentiment, who put off marriage in fear of losing their career.

Is it possible for us ladies to be greedy?

I just want to know; how do working wives and moms do it?!?! Teach us single ladies, will ya?!

P/s: This post has NOTHING to do with me getting married, I am simply just curious! Haha. Don’t get any ideas.