left out

August 23, 2010

I love it when my whole family is around, especially my niece and nephew. They’ve grown up a little bit now and they’re at that age where they want to roam free around the house teasing Mom by touching her precious crystals.

Their favourite line is now, “Maksu, get off me…stop kissing me…yuck!” 🙁

Why do they grow up so fast?!! Soon, they’ll go to college, get married and totally forget about Maksu.

Wahhhh… *turns to sister* “Can you pop out more please?”

Spent one of the weekends chasing them around the house to hug them. They were of course running away from me.

Then whenever Dean is around, Little Nephew will go, “Uncle Dean!!!!!” and run to him. And Little Niece will stand flirtatiously by the door batting her eyelashes at Dean.

What?!!! Hello, I wiped your poo ok!!!

Ok, I never did that.

But still….!!

So while they were playing around and ignoring me, I decided to take pictures of myself in my chill-at-home clothes.

No make-up at home…Don’t you think I look more Chinese?? My eyes hehe.

Top: The Pop Look

Jeans: True Religion

Loveee this top. So airy and comfy, yet so pretty with the florals.