let’s move on

August 2, 2010


PD drama of the year.

This past weekend my Shoutbox has been filled with nasty comments about my writing, my dad’s money, my undeserving careerΒ and ermm..my shopping habits. My poor handbags; all innocent and dunno anything, yet have been hated by some of you.

Now let me tell you something… I get it. I appreciate the negative comments just like I appreciate the really sweet ones. Because I’m an adult. I know that in life, no matter how nice you are, how whatever you are, you are definitely going to get some who like you and many more who hate you. That’s just life.

My intention of writing isn’t to hurt you guys. Whatever you guys comment, I do read them. And I love them. Because any advice or criticism will only make me a better person. Nobody is perfect; everybody needs to be told once in a while, including lil old me.

So, keep them coming. But how about this? If you can’t stand me and feel the need to say something (if not you can’t sleep well at night), why don’t you send me a private message? I mean, you do know the Shoutbox is public right? I can delete them but what’s the point if other people have read and replied to them even before I get to my laptop. And plus, I’m just not that kind to delete comments (unless you’re Dean and you leave super cheesy love-declaring comments in public)

By writing it in public, your motives aren’t purely to tell me off, it’s also to embarrass me.Β I might not be as affected as you want me to be, but in the process,Β you hurt my parents, my relatives, my handbags…and if Opah can read English, I can assure you 120% that she’ll cry.

So, let it be our little secret.

As for my other readers, of course I won’t stop blogging!!

What, so some people tell me off, I run to my mommy crying and wanting to close down PD? How old do you think I am? Five? I’m more thick-skin than you think I am.

I haven’t been updating this weekend because it’s been SUCH a crazy week.

Got back from London, Opah has been unwell (don’t worryyyy she’s getting better), I’ve been jetlagged, I had a friend’s wedding, I helped babysit my niece and nephew, I have been spending time with Madam Chan, and on top of that, I had an exciting photoshoot for a magazine. No, I have not been shopping (see?!! getting better already!! :))…but erm, that’s probably because I haven’t had the time….BABY STEPS OK!?!

Anyway, I hope to update again soon! Ttyl.

p/s: Seriously, no hard feelings. I’ve had plenty worse.