malaysia mega sale carnival

August 27, 2010

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In London I saw a Tourism Malaysia ad on the local news (I think they shot one scene at La Bodega BSC) and I was beaming with pride. Wanted to exclaim out loud, “I’m from there! That’s my country!! Come come!!”

I mean, why not?!

Great food, nice beach, cheap accommodation, nice people ahem, and best of all, SHOPPING!!!

The best time is NOW; because the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2010 runs from 24th July to 16th September 2010.

The time when I cannot focus properly. With all these Sale signs everywhere, I’m vibrating with excitement. Me and shopping, I’m sure you PD regulars would know. From shopping malls to pasar malam, you can spot me there.

It’s my biggest vice. Makes me go all loco.

Spot me! Hehe.

It’s worse for me because this time, the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is the biggest ever, focusing on fashion.

  • There will be a Best Window Display contest and Shopping Centre awards, so be prepared for malls to wow us with vibrant decorations.
  • Oh, the street markets and bazaars also got sale, btw.
  • Mastercard Spend and Win Programme – if you use your Mastercard, you’ll stand a chance to win weekly prizes worth up to RM100,000 and iPad 3Gs!
  • SO MUCH MORE. Check out Shop Malaysia website

Die la like this… Umm, do you take Monopoly currency??

BUT if you’re a shopaholic and you have a video camera (or a digital camera with video function duhh), there is a way to patch up that hole in your pocket.

Just record your favourite shopping moment with your family or friends or random people and enter the Mega Sale & Mega Win contest. In less than 3 mins, produce a creative short video; skits, drama, you singing, whatever, as long as it stays within the theme “I Love To Shop in Malaysia.” Your video must be uploaded on YouTube.

So simple! But professional videographers cannot. No fair.

Winners receive up to RM 10 grand in cash, shopping vouchers and other exciting prizes like hotel stays etc.

Can you imagine how many things you can buy with that money?! Stock up for your Christmas / New Year presents, man!

Video submission ends 30th September 2010.

Join the Shop Malaysia Facebook Fanpage and follow Shop Malaysia on Twitter for more info!