my deal, our deal

August 12, 2010


Malaysians are cheap. RM5 basement parking?!! Please, we’d rather park illegally right here by the side of the road. Hehe. I joke. 

But let’s not be sensitive here. Let’s just admit that we all love a bargain. Even with a few ringgit discount, we feel like we’ve won some contest! has come up with a clever way of giving us deals on dining and all sorts of lifestyle discounts!

This new shopping concept works like this:

Everyday, there will be a new deal on the website which gives 50-90% discounts on things we usually need everyday. Once the minimum number of buyers who take on the deal is reached, the deal is ON and every buyer will get the coupon!

So this shopping concept relies on volume. The more people are interested in the deal, the more willing the retailer is to give discounts! Clever.

Their past deals include Coffee Bean, McDonalds, Nandos, Isetan, Cold Storage, yoga centers and many more exciting places.



We are actually quite slow in knowing about this, because their Facebook fanpage has over 8,000 fans already! Time to get with the programme and salvage our purses.

I did!!

I bought the Yogitree deal. RM28 worth of food for half price at RM14.


It was so easy. Just click on Buy Now and make payment online.


Third from left: That’s my friend FUAD liking this deal!!!

Then, you’ll get an email voucher which you’ll print out.



Then you’ll take your car and drive to Gardens Mall and take a seat at Yogitree!



Present your voucher before you order. The deal was for juice and quiche, but I don’t like quiches, so I opted for something else; Mushroom Tart. They were so accommodating to my request for change…and my god, the Tart was soooo yummy!!!



I finished it!



I’m definitely going to Yogitree more often now.



Then I asked for the bill… Stupid!! It’s already been paid for!

So just get up and leave.

It felt quite weird.