one year checkpoint

August 12, 2010

It was my one year anniversary working yesterday! Can’t believe it…feels like just yesterday I came into the office not knowing anything. I can’t remember what I did, but I do remember what I wore! Haha.

I know I have a whole lot more to learn, but in the past one year, I do feel that I’ve absorbed so much knowledge about the processes in the property development and construction field. Maybe not enough to head a project on my own (it’s only been a year!!) but I’m aiming towards that. To list out all the lessons I’ve learned would be impossible, but I do believe now that it all comes with experience. Qualification itself isn’t enough.

With any project, the process is similar and the outcome is the same (to make profit); what sets you out to be different is just the creativity you have in creating the best deal out of something. And I’m not being biased when I say my dad is really the best at strategising deals. And I’m lucky to be learning firsthand from him.

Some things have changed in me, but some things still remain. Working really does change people and you understand life a little bit better. You meet all sorts of people, you see all sorts of deals being made and you just discover a whole lot about yourself while going through the process.

I feel that this has extended to other parts of my life too. How I handle different types of people, how I make small everyday decisions, how to ask appropriate questions, how I dress, how to negotiate, how to prioritise the important things in life. I’m slowly applying this into my life, without me realising it!

A year has gone by too quickly and it’s kind of scaring me that I haven’t learned as much as I hoped in this past year. So it’s time for me to work harder and take my own initiative to be the best that I can be. Not just as an employee, but also think like an employer to improve my leadership skills.

My traveling has been frequent lately and being in business development, this is the norm. I was up north last week, and just when I’m about to get comfortable in the office, I am now on duty to go down south! Am off traveling again tomorrow, but thank God this trip is shorter than the last.

Dean was so sweet to remember my one year mark as a career lady. He surprised me with this really sweet card.

As I was gushing over his handwritten message inside, he pulled out something out of nowhere and gave me a present.

A personal organiser from Aspinal of London.

“I also got a free keychain but I had to flirt with the saleslady…”

Oh my god, the colour is just sooooo nice!! This purple looks so classy!! I don’t even want to write anything on it so as to not spoil it! So sayang to use.

I bet Dean didn’t know that it was also featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. The same colour and everything!

Thank you so much, Dean! 🙂 You really shouldn’t have.