pasar ramadhan

August 25, 2010

Losing weight during Ramadhan!?!

Pls, don’t make me roll off the floor laughing.

Yes, it appears to be simple mathematics. We don’t eat or drink for 13 hours; how can we NOT lose weight?

Mystery solved: PASAR RAMADHAN.

The place where I shop in BULK.

This one for buka later, then maybe after terawih I’ll still be hungry, Oh I also need something for sahur… maybe I’ll get 3 of those…

(Dear God, I know Ramadhan is about sacrifice, but these people keep selling me yummy food…I shall diet after Raya k…Amin…)

Eat at night. Go to sleep. Wake up early to eat. Go to sleep again. No exercise throughout the day.

No such thing as puasa = lose weight.

My favourite food of all at this year’s Pasar Ramadhan is this; Murtabak Maggi.

Been eating this day and night…

Murtabak made out of maggi!! The concept was derived between a few friends and they set up a stall together.


I’ve been going to Pasar Ramadhan so often now that they know my exact order. It’s getting embarrassing.

Top: Mimpikita

Such a loyal customer that I didn’t even mind that this one pakcik selling kuey teow splattered oil on my top!

(Yep, Mom made me wear that tank top inside…)

Had buka puasa at my sister’s house with our colleagues recently. Yummehhhhh.

Top: The Pop Look

Headband: Juicy Couture

Sorry for the pixelating…she’s too cute to reveal…

Pictures courtesy of my awesome Kak Sri