stuffed up north

August 6, 2010

Finally!! Some rest time for me to blog.

Everybody was quite happy to have some free time after 2 days of grueling back to back meetings and moving up and down north of Peninsular.

Half mamai, half posed. I kind of sensed my colleague with her camera and went into ready mode! Haha

Me sleeping usually involves wide open mouth, head tilt back, some drool…

We always snuck in some sleeping time in the car, though. Even a 15-minute drive is heaven for our eyes. Sometimes I get disappointed when we arrive at our destinations! Haha.

I woke up suddenly and saw THIS view.

Simply beautiful, God’s creation.

We’ve been sleeping sooo late and waking up early; this weekend I will be sleeping the whole day, thank you very much.

I shall not blog about work so much as it’s P&C and plus, I’ll have to cover your mouth when you yawn. Hehe.

One thing fun about the North is THE FOOD!!! We’ve been so pampered with food here, I’m sure I have put on some kilos…Grrrr. Laksa, mee rebus, ikan bakar….omg…

My parents are from the North of Peninsular, so I am quite familiar with the language and the food etc. Used to balik kampung here a lot when all my grandparents were still around. Now that I’m here, suddenly the Northern accent comes out. Hehe.

My two favourite words:

“Cek lapak…”


Sadly, I cannot stand durian!! I cannot stand the smell… my colleagues loved it and they swept everything off the plate. I bet if they could eat the seed, they’d swallow that as well. I bet if they made durian perfume, my colleagues will be the first in line to buy it.

Ughhh…thank God nobody burped in the car.

My colleague, the biggest hantu durian in the world!

OK, gotta get ready for dinner now.

Off to Thailand tomorrow! That should be interesting as well.

This post is dedicated to my mom who is bugging me to update my blog and secretly wants to check that I’m not actually in New York shopping my life savings away.

See Ma, your baby girl is WORKING (when she’s not camwhoring). No durian in New York.