the moving girl

August 10, 2010

No…I wasn’t smuggling stuff. Nor was I trying to dig a fort between those mineral bottles.

Just trying to buy all the Spritzer mineral water so no one else can have any! Muahaha.

Ok, not that either.

I was actually helping my sister out buying foodstuff for her new house. She’s moving and settling into a new home and there’s lots to do! Of course I’m suddenly MIA when she’s doing the hard stuff; packing, moving etc. But I’m so there when she has to shop for stuff. One of the MORE exciting parts about moving; shopping!! Furniture, wallpaper, new sheets, new TV, new everything la!!

We went grocery shopping and it was so much fun! Seriously, I’m so easy; Harrods, hardware shop, TMC…ANY form of shop makes me happy. I shall enroll myself for therapy soon.

Anyway, we had a whole list of things to buy. Water, tissue, soap…the necessities. But they weren’t all together; so of course we had to pass other exciting aisles. My sister and I were focused on getting only the stuff we need, but when we passed the muruku aisle, we just stopped.

“Oooooohhh…” we both murmured like we were high.

Literally girls in a candy store. We’re both not really the sweet tooth kind of people, so muruku and other forms of savouries are our candies!

Anyway, I did help with some of the tiring part. She was already packed, so I helped move things into my car and made a few trips back and forth her old and new house to load and unload. I was basically the equivalent of a moving van. Except that I get paid with love, instead of money, and teh ais to quench my thirst.

Moving is NOT fun! Not if you don’t get help from your loved ones. It’s soooo tiring!! We were both panting so much after carrying so many heavy boxes and all sorts of random stuff.

“You have too much stuff!!” I complained the whole day.

I knew we’d be quite icky for the day, especially with the Malaysian weather, so I came prepared with simple clothes; cotton oversized top and leggings. I was feeling and looking ridiculously dishevelled with hair all messed up.

Thank God for my Sereni & Shentel Blair headband to make me feel slightly more like a girl and less like a sweaty moving guy.

Green!! Definitely my favourite colour of all. Thank you, S&S!! 🙂

Normally, a housewarming party would mean some friends over, a Singstar showdown and lots of BBQ food being grilled outside by hot men.

My mom would faint if you tell her this is the norm.

Because Muslims should ALWAYS have some religious do before moving into a house. Have some Ustazs over to read the Quran and basically “Islamicise” the house and have God’s blessing for you to have a safe and happy home without the interference of bad spirits.

“Yes, Mom.” was all my sister could say to that.

NOBODY messes with my mother.

Last Sunday I was pretty excited to have a grooming day; touch up roots, mani pedi, massage. I was after all, super tired from my traveling last week and Sunday was all I had to relax. But family comes first. I went into my Super Sister mode and helped out during the baca doa session.

It was a very intimate do with just the people from the mosque, Maid Mommy, Maid Sister, Maid Yours Truly and the other maids. The men were praying while the women were busy in the kitchen. It was chaotic because women are such perfectionists, it’s annoying!

So funny, though. We were all frantic in the kitchen getting the food ready and getting mad at each other for stupid stuff. But when the men came to ask for anything, we all transform into such sweet beings. “Uh yes, of course of course, right away,” with hugeee smiles and soft voices. Then when they’re gone, “You la!!! I TOLD YOU to put that outside…Useless!!”

Such good actresses!

My favourite room in the house; the pantry in the kitchen!! It’s food heaven in there… People have cabinets to put foodstuff, my sister has a freaking room for just that.

Maggi, cereal, powdered drinks, popcorn, keropok, chocolates!! This is just a fraction of her supply. Her neighbours are so lucky, if they ever need to borrow some sugar or salt, my sister could give them a whole bucket.

I mean, just look at her Nescafe collection. Insomniacs, these people.

To Along and my BIL, congrats on the new home!! So proud of you two. 🙂

My little present to them; these really cute Gucci slipper keychains to decorate their keys.

His, hers, and sister in law’s. Hehe.

May we all live happily ever after in our new home. 😉