September 20, 2010

Every Friday night, there’s this show on TV called “Forum Perdana”.

It’s basically an Islamic debate on various weekly topics with a panel of experts. This night, for Mom, is the equivalent to movie night with popcorn and party hat and all.

Except, not as much fun for me.

I mean, the debate is actually quite interesting. Some things very obvious, but there are many things to learn from there.

But the not-fun part is Mom nudging me every 3 seconds, “You hear that, Vivy? You hear what the Ustazah said?” with a judgmental face eye-ing me head to toe with my tight clothes and low-ish tops (I’M AT HOME!!!).

You know why I’m not bothered by negative comments? I’ve got enough practice from Mom!! Hehe.

So there was an Islamic talk that Mom was watching tonight.

The topic was “Kids.”


Payback time.

“Anak-anak anugerah dari Tuhan. Ibu bapa perlu menyayangi mereka dan mendidik bla bla bla,” the Ustazah said.

I kept on nudging Mom.

“Mom, did you hear that, Mom? I’m a gift from God…

Mom rolled her eyes.

“Ah, ah…none of that. You’ve gotta love me. I’m a GIFT from above.”