azzwaa’s wedding preview

September 26, 2010


Toots’ second sister is now a wife. Next in line is Toots and everyone is pressuring her with “When’s your turn?” questions. Haha.

Who needs CNN when there’s Facebook and Twitter? Toots and I were updating our status and telling the whole world that Waa is no longer on the market. Say goodbye, fellas.

Toots and I camwhored when everyone was busy eating.

How. Freaking. Gorgeous. Is. This. Girl.

I was a bridesmaid again for both the events, so bright and early I woke up for the rehearsal of the reception today. We all had a briefing of what’s going to happen, where to walk, what to do, when to bow etc.

Toots and I were listening intently.

We thought we could have some rest after the rehearsal but then it was time for hair and make-up! Groaning of fatigue, we one-two-jus for who has to do their make-up first (also means have to shower first). I lost to all the bridesmaids. Pfttt. Bet they cheated somehow.

So I lazily grabbed the towel and dragged myself to the shower while the other girls nicely positioned themselves into the comfortable hotel beds!

Make-up time.

Hair later because I wanted to nap. Too tired.

Apparently my mouth was open at some points and the sisters made fun of me by putting their fingers in my mouth. Sheeshh. Leave me be!

Toots snapped this picture below and I’m so amazed at the eyelashes the make-up artist put on! I love it!! Why can’t all our eyelashes look like this all the time?!

Someone asked us if those were our real eyelashes.

“Duh, of course.” Hehe.

While I napped, Toots had her make-up done.

The make-up artist had to wear gloves because Toots had her wuduk on for the next prayers. It was hilarious, he looked like a surgeon!

That shirt looks so familiar (it’s so mine!!!). Pfttt. I swear these things happen when I sleep.

I purposely left out pictures of Azzwaa because she definitely deserves a whole post on just her. Seriously, the bride was so radiant and so gorgeous. I want to share with you guys images of her and her beatiful wedding dresses, but I’ll keep it a suspense until I find the perfect pictures of her (too many in my camera!).

As for now, I’m falling asleep as I write this. I haven’t had enough sleep in a while so tomorrow, I’m just going to sleep in. Sundays should be lazy days, anyway!

Good night everyone!!