charles & keith launch

September 24, 2010

Charles & Keith has opened its doors to the public in its new store located in Farenheit 88, yet another new mall in Jalan Bukit Bintang.

For the launch, C&K collaborated with Pride Foundation. There was a Pink Collection consisting of one pair of pink shoes with a cute ribbon by the sides, and a little pink handbag. Part of the proceeds will go to Pride Foundation.

The really unique thing about this launch is that they didn’t use the normal size -5 models.

They used real women. Real women who have survived (and/or surviving) breast cancer. They had so much fun on the catwalk and I’m sure they felt really special as cameras flashed to take their photos. They should feel special, they’re an inspiration to the rest of us women.

One breast cancer survivor came up and told her story. How it happened, how she fought it etc. She basically advised all women to listen to our bodies. She said it’s too easy to get caught up in work and career which will stress our bodies if we don’t take a break once in a while. She warned exercise is important, and of course we’ve got to take care of our diet.

Ok, will start now!

Nuffie Linda and I

Me and Pau-lynn

Me and Cindy

We were so inspired after meeting these survivors. But also worried because now we all want to get ourselves checked! Going to make an appointment with the doctor soon. Of course, I treated myself to some Charles & Keith shoes before that. Never realised their prices were so reasonable!!

You too should check out their store on the ground floor of Farenheit 88 Shopping Mall, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.

Don’t forget to get yourselves checked as well!! Life and death is all in God’s hands, but it is up to our efforts how we pay attention to ourselves while we’re still lucky to be alive.