duck day

September 16, 2010

Let’s be honest here.

The friendship trend for cliques go like this.


High school:

The whole clique is as tight as Super Glue. If you don’t like somebody, the whole group will not like that person for no reason the brain can comprehend. Go toilet also you’ll go with the rest of the crew. Every single member has the same toilet schedule. After school, still want to meet up at each other’s houses. Parents don’t understand why, therefore they are enemies and omg super not cool, okay?



You and your friends are still tight, but see each other less. Lectures, theses, assignments and essays become your best friend. The toilet becomes a lonely place, but you’ll soon learn to go on your own. Toilet schedules gradually differ as may involve time differences in different countries.



You and your friends see each other once a year. But doesn’t mean your love for each other lessens. You still think about the rest whenever you’re in the toilet.


Haha. Ok something like that la.

Admittedly, all throughout my school life, I have been in cliques. *blush*

I was young, ok?! So yes, I can reveal to you the toilet thing is true.

In high school, The Ducks was formed between 6 friends. (hence the name Proudduck… Cue: Ohhhh!!! So she’s not crazy after all coming up with the name proudduck on her own…)

Now we’re all on a mission to conquer different continents on the globe, so we can only meet when we’re all in the same country at one time. Of course, the Universal Holiday Committee has not replied my email on why they don’t do standard holiday times across the globe. So I have no idea why they make our lives difficult trying to plan holidays and outings with friends overseas. They are also enemies and omg super not cool, okay?

I can’t remember the last time all the Ducks met, but for now, we’re still grateful meeting up even without the full quorum.

It’s a tradition to have a Duck Day every Raya because that’s when most of us are around.

This year, there were only 4 of us. 2 were busy on a mission in the UK and Aussie. But we still had a blast and sent pictures to the missing duo.

We had makan session as usual.

I was sooo addicted to my Ipod. Dean’s youngest brother got me addicted to this one game called Veggie Samurai. OMG slicing vegetables has never been so much fun ok. Buy the App, seriously!!

I got scolded for being anti-social, so it was my turn to give an intense update of my life. While I was busy venting and gossiping and story-telling, Boot sneakily stole my iPod and started slicing vegetables too.

We adjourned to manicures!!

I was pushed aside to the pedicure section because there was no more space for me.

Clearly I didn’t mind.

Pot tried to study while waiting for some of us to finish…

But that only lasted a good long 10 seconds…

Because she found my iPod..

Boot, who has left us for the British land. Boooo.

A nice 2010 group photo of us to frame up:

Then we experimented with Photo Booth and realised how attractive we really were…