featured photo

September 22, 2010

Today, I got an email that was different from the rest.

A photographer took my picture at a wedding and that picture became one of the Featured Photos from thousands others in Picture Social.

I love this picture not because I’m in it. (OK, not JUST because I’m in it..haha) No really, the colour, the soft fading effect, I personally think it’s a really cool picture. Not sure why I was looking moody though. Haha.

For me, I know I’m not artsy when it comes to taking pictures. Snap, that’s it. Especially during an event, sometimes the person’s head gets cut off etc. I try to think of an artistic angle, but it just doesn’t come natural to me. So when I see photographer’s portfolios I’m just in awe all the time.

Anyway, congrats to Hafiz for getting a featured photo! I’m writing about him here because I think he’s a photographer worth watching out for but most of all, he is super duper humble. I like that character in people. You can check out his photos here.

And big hello to his wife who reads my blog!!