female magazine

September 25, 2010

I had a photoshoot with Female magazine a couple months back for their October issue.

I’m quite reluctant to do these kind of things because I get really worried of what they write or how they take the pictures. You don’t really have a say because it’s all edited by the media.

However, when it was Female that approached me, I couldn’t say no. Been a fan of their magazine for years now! And they wanted to feature my style. Me!!! (????)

It was hair and makeup first. They styled me and instructed my make up and hair to be really natural. Was slightly disappointed because I thought I could experiment with a really different kind of look that I wouldn’t usually do.

“We want it to be natural since it’s an outdoor shoot.

It’s a what?!!!!

OMG all the worst scenarios popped in my head. I imagined me having to pose with butt sticking out, by the side of the road, people snickering at this non-model as they pass by. Oh dear…

Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Or if it did, I didn’t see or hear them, which was really nice of God.

Some behind the scene photos:

After every click of the camera, the picture will pop out instantly on the laptop for the director to comment and improve. Super duper cool, this technology.

Every detail was paid attention to. How much to tilt my head, where to put my hands, higher, lower, a bit to the right, a bit to the left, now smile. Smile wider! Wider!

It finally came out!

I’m not a model, nor am I even qualified to be in magazines. But it was great fun to have experienced the process.

Thank you, Female!