get back to work pls

September 15, 2010

I had fun this whole long weekend of holiday, but to be honest, I was pretty excited to go back to work.

If the holiday dragged on any longer, I would probably be super cranky at home. Being a Saggitarius, I’m an active and outgoing person who hates being confined and loves her freedom. So, holiday for me is going traveling. NOT sitting at home doing nothing.

Even throughout the weekend, I was harassing some people for meetings and not surprisingly, only the non-Muslims wanted to meet up and talk business since it was Raya mood all round. So when Monday came, I was sooo excited to go back to full work mode.

The parking lot was almost empty.


Cos apparently, we have Malaysia Day on Thursday and many people took super long leave all the way to next weekend.

Sigh..we have too many holidays in Malaysia, don’t you think? One of the countries with the most holidays per year.

Top 10 Countries with Most Holidays

16 days – China, Hong Kong, Egypt

15 days – India, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco, and now Malaysia (with Malaysia Day as our latest addition)

13 days – South Korea, Chile, Turkey


Anyway, Happy Malaysia Day guys!! Whatever it is, I’m still proud to be Malaysian 🙂

Since I’m pretty free (and bored), here are some outfits I wore to work recently (actually requested by some readers)…

Top: Topshop

Necklace: House of Harlow

Top: Pop Look

Top: H&M

Top: Pepe Jeans

Top: Bimba & Lola

Any of you still on leave? Grr.