Lipice Fruity

September 7, 2010

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Ok this is very sad, but when I was younger my mom wouldn’t let me wear lipsticks.

Fineeeeeeeee. Don’t allow me to be a young lady! Pftt.

That’s Ok. I was very smart (I say this with a pinch of salt…), I improvised.

What my mom DID allow me to buy was Luna colour pencils. I lovedddd Luna colour pencils because I loved colouring and my notes were ALWAYS colourful. But also because Luna colour pencils had another naughty function for Little PD.


This is really disgusting, but I was a tiny little girl who couldn’t wait to grow up but didn’t know any better. So I used wet the tip of the colour pencils and happily experimented them as my lipstick. I had blue lips, purple lips, white lips…it was great fun!! (I really hope young kids don’t read my blog…)

Of course, it’s really dangerous because god knows what they put in colour pencils. But hey, I’m still here and I’m not doing too bad, so THANK GOD!

I just wanted to wear lipsticks to LOOK older!! Mom later found out about my Luna idea and well, no surprise there, she was F-U-R-I-O-U-S. What she did let me wear was LIPBALMS.  And to my surprise, I developed a liking for lipbalms.

If you notice, I hardly put on any lipstick on now, unless there is a special occasion. I probably have one or two colours and a whole collection of lipbalms. I much prefer shinier and healthier-looking natural lips than blood-red chapped lips.

My favourite lipbalm of all is the Lipice Fruity range because it has everything I want in a lipbalm.

1)   Cooling – it has mentholathum that leaves lips refreshed and tingly.

2)   Moisturising – Fasting month = dry lips. Need a lot of moisture especially when meeting clients.

3)   Easy to use – I prefer sticks than the tubes you have to press and get your fingers all sticky.

4)   FRUITY!! They have grape blackcurrant, orange mandarin, lemon, apple and strawberry. Yummmm. I couldn’t decide so I bought all the flavours available in the pharmacy. After using them, my favourites are now Strawberry and Apple.

And you know what, adult or not, I absolutely LOVE the girly colour and graphics on their website and Facebook fanpage.

Lipice Fruity lipbalm makes me feel girly and confident when I’m among all these men in hard hats at the construction sites! I have something they don’t; nicely moisturised lips! Hehe.

You should check out their fun contest too!

I swear it’s so much fun!! You have to pop bubbles that come out, but it’s easier said than done.

Try it!

OH MY GOD my parents are in this game!!

Contest from now till 30th September 2010 and stand a chance to win an iPhone and other fabulous prizes!