move over

September 13, 2010

My girl’s back!!!!!!!!

My college sweetheart Stella is finally back for a few months after being called to the Bar.

(Honestly too many of my friends are lawyers, I’ll have no problem looking for free legal fees!)

She came to ber-raya with me! Look at her in my kebaya. So ladylike!! 😀

Next CNY, I’ll be wearing one of her cheongsams.

The spirit of 1 Malaysia, eh?

I love ketupat and rendang and all sorts of raya food. But too much glutinous rice can be quite sickening after a while. I only had those on the first day, then I switched to other food. I miss going out to eat during the day, so Stella and I went for a food-hunting frenzy. Hello, a month of deprivation, I went all out these past few days trying to satisfy my craving for food I can’t stop thinking about.

After a month of fasting, it felt pretty weird going out during the day to eat. I felt like I was doing something wrong! I think my stomach was pretty shocked with the sudden massive inflow of food!

New couples in love are so annoying, I realised! Stella was on the phone THE WHOLE TIME, texting her other half and I was left there talking to myself. That bread and butter pudding in front of her was there for ages, untouched. I could’ve eaten it and she wouldn’t even mind since she was so high up on the clouds.

Then my food came and I pretty much found new friends.

Sarawak laksa and pepperoni pizza

Funghi Pizza, Dauphinoise Potatoes (my favourite kind of potato), Summer Smoothie (so NOT a smoothie!)

See?!! Still on her phone!!

Jon, if you’re reading this, STOP CALLING STELLA!


But secretly I don’t mind. It’s so nice to see her so happy. 😀

OK, the food frenzy has got to stop. I have had a lot of fun this weekend eating and eating. A close family friend came over and we were joking about how much cholesterol we’re having. “Here, have some diabetes,” she said to me as I asked to pass the lemang. Hehe. Party pooper!

But realistically, I know myself better than anyone else. I love food a lot. So the only other option is to exercise.

On Sunday, I went scouting for gyms. The gyms are nice, but not really what I want. All of them are big and so public, it’s really weird to do your thing with so many people around you. I would like to work my bum and whatnot without being conscious (not that anyone would look, but still…).

Anyone can recommend a more private gym?