my cres wellness experience

September 16, 2010

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Recently I was invited to try out this spa and beauty centre, Cres Wellness in Gardens Mall…

Ah, so difficult being a blogger. *roll of floor laughing *

I was ready to just surrender my body to Cres and let them pamper me like no other. And indeed, I was pampered to the fullest!

I was led through a corridor with treatment rooms on both sides of me. Got to snoop around Cres a bit.

Look at their bath treatment room!

Was brought into Treatment Room No. 8! Lucky number, this must be my day.

Very romantic atmosphere in the room.

Each room has their own unique feature walls creating different themes. I thought that was so cool and it made me curious to want to see the other rooms.

First up, massage!

They had all kinds of massages, but I chose the Shiatsu massage (pressure points massage without oil) and the aromatherapy massage (with aroma oil). My back was aching so I reallyyy needed a massage. For me, the Shiatsu massage was my first choice because I don’t like the manja-manja type of massage like the aromatherapy massage. I also don’t really like to be all oily after the massage. That said, they were both very good. I really can’t think of anything to complain about!

I especially liked my therapist because she was strong! A lot of other masseuses give me soft massages because they think they might break my bone because I’m so tiny. So annoying. Like hello, are you even touching me?

Then, facial and slimming.

I was already half-high after the wonderful 2 in 1 massage, so I can’t really remember where they brought me or what room number it was. But basically, the room looked like this.

This room had half brick wall and half plain wall with pictures of frames. It was very interesting!

And the treatment bed!! Oh my god the treatment bed!!

It was like a real bed!! They give you fluffy pillows and duvet covers. They even thought about a pillow to put underneath your knees to give you the extra comfort.

I just crawled straight into the bed and smiled myself to utter relaxation. It was just soo comfortable.

Nothing could go wrong. Until, of course, my loved ones kept calling, texting and BBM-ing throughout my treatments! Clearly they were jealous. I don’t like to put my phone on silent in case of emergencies but this was MY time, so I ignored all of them and melted to a world of pampers (?? Pamperedness? Pamperings?? Whatever the noun for pamper is la ok?….)

The facial was so thorough and complete. There were 3 masks (renewal, repair and replenish…or something like that…) and there was the usual (deep cleansing, steaming, extraction, face massage etc). There were also eye, neck and shoulder massages too! Oh my god, could it get any better, I was thinking the whole time while snuggling up in my comfortable duvet.

Of course, at the time, I didn’t know I looked like this…

At the same time, I also had the chance to try their slimming programme. I have never gone for slimming before, so I had noooo idea what was in store.

Basically, they put these cold pads on you with wires attached to a huge machine with more wires on them.

Was pretty scary. Thought I was going to get electrocuted.


It was a pleasant experience.  The lady was there the whole time to control the machine. The pads basically vibrate to break up the fats and help you exercise the parts of your body that don’t move much. For first-timers like me, it might feel a bit ticklish at first. But after a while, you get used to it.

According to the lady, ladies who want to slim down can undergo this treatment 2-3 times a week. Pretty easy especially for the working women who don’t have time to go to the gym!

Even slim people can undergo this slimming treatment to firm and tone up! Because being slim doesn’t mean you’re in the most ideal shape! Can always aim for the best for your bodies!

I had a good sleep and traveled the world in my dreams until I got woken up by my therapist.

“Finish…” she said.

“No…” I said.

She laughed. “You have to get up…”

I wanted to add “MAKE ME!!” but I was scared they might call security on me, so off I went. Back to my normal, spa-less life.

Top: Joseph

Pants: Miss Selfridge

With one of the Cres therapists.

You guys should try it too! Especially after a whole month of fasting, and then raya working so hard to fight for those ketupats with our cousins, our bodies deserve a treat, no?

Don’t bother wearing anything too nice when you go though because you’re bound to get some oil on your body and onto your clothes. Also, you won’t be wearing anything other than disposable panty (sexy, I know…) most of the time, so why bother dress up. I’d wear my torn night kaftan if I could.

Just turn up in your pyjamas and say “I’m here!!!” to the counter.

Thank you, Cres Wellness!


Now it’s YOUR chance! CRES is giving out FREE mini wellness programs to first-timers from now till October 31st 2010.

And the best news is that Proudduck readers will be GUARANTEED free wellness program.

What do you have to do?

THE FIRST 30 PEOPLE to comment on my wall post at CRES facebook fanpage will get to experience CRES mini wellness program FOR FREE. Work those finger muscles and get the rest of your body pampered! Trust me, worth every second.

All you have to do is simply leave a comment. SOOOOO HARD RIGHT?

Terms & Conditions:

1. 21yr old and above
2. Must be new customers
3. Appointments on weekdays only
4. Only first 30 to reply within 2 weeks