opah and raya

September 9, 2010

Opah has been slightly down lately. She’s always like this everytime Raya comes. She misses her kampung, she misses her late husband, she misses her late sisters, she basically feels nostalgic. No matter how much we try, Raya in the city is never the same Raya as how she remembers it in the kampung.

I try to make her feel happy and positive and I always try to turn something sad into something funny.

She said to me, “I want to visit Tokyah’s grave but I’m too old to be travelling to Ipoh.. maybe after Raya…” (her husband’s grave). And then she just keeps quiet and stares far away. Can you imagine losing your companion in life? The love of your life?

I swallowed the sadness I felt and put on my cheery self around her.

“Opah!! Don’t disturb Tokyah…Tokyah also wants to raya, he wants to have fun without a nagging wife!” She slowly cracked a smile and laughed because last time, she and him always argue with each other. Sometimes, it was really cute to watch.

After a while, she forgot about it and started complaining to me about her phone.

“Eh, my phone is spoiled,” she exclaimed, face about to cry.

Oh no…how is no one going to call you now?

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. Get me a new one.”

I checked the phone and found the PROBLEM.

Credit finished.


Bought her some top-up immediately and playfully called her using my phone.

As usual, she didn’t hear the ring tone. The phone was ringing loudly next to her bed but she was so blur and continued cutting tissue papers into her desired size (her newest hobby….*sucks being old huh?*).

I just looked at her in amazement. “OPAH!! You can’t hear that?!!”

She focused a bit and excitedly reached for the phone.

Pressed the green button.. (CLEVER OPAH!!! Clap Clap Clap!!)

“Assalamualaikum…Who’s this?” She asked, slightly too excited.

After she realised it was me, she laughed loudly and called me “Hantu”.

I told her to press the red button to hang up and went out of her room for a while.

When I came back…this was how she looked…

She was still hanging on to the phone in case anybody else called!!!

Hahahahahaha. So kesian ok!!!!!


I bought her a Raya top. I mean, how can I buy one for Madam Chan and not one for Opah right?

She likes airy tops that are simple. No beading nothing.

So I designed this top for her and Mimpikita made it.

Can’t forget the pocket!! Where else would she put her toothpicks?

She loved it and I was thrilled to make her happy.

I’ve been sleeping in her room since I really don’t have the time during the day to be with her. And it’s so nice. She would chat with me in the dark and I would just nod because I’m so sleepy.

After a while, I say to her “Good night, Opah.”

She just replies lazily, “Na-yet.”

Knowing Opah, she would want to wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya!!!

I too would like to take this opportunity to wish you guys a Happy Raya and on behalf of me and my whole family, Maaf Zahir Batin from the bottom of our hearts.

If there were any times I hurt any of you guys, in person, verbally or through my writing, please forgive me.

Hope you have an awesome Raya (holiday for non-Muslims)!!