r.i.p. gcb

September 14, 2010

Dear Mr. Who Owns McDonalds Malaysia,

I am writing to you in sadness and slight anger. So please pardon my sarcasm as it’s nothing personal.

I have been very happy these past few weeks, but yesterday, I felt like a piece of happiness has been taken away from me.

You have discontinued the GCB Chicken Burger.

Why, Mr. McDonalds, why?

I understand that this might be a clever business plan to keep us wanting more, but you might just lose one huge customer here. You see, the GCB Chicken Burger and I have had a wonderful relationship. It’s as if two people have fallen in love, and then a few weeks later, the girl has to move away to Mars. I feel that this discontinuation of GCB Chicken Burger is slightly uncalled for. It’s not just me, many are also in depression now.

You have tried your very best to replace my GCB Chicken Burger with Cheese Shaker Fries. Yeah, good effort, whatever. But nothing beats the juiciness of that hot grilled chicken sandwiched between two soft burger buns. To worsen my heartbreak, you have introduced Triple Cheeseburger. Honestly…THREE beef patties on top of each other in ONE burger. Bravo for creativity…but most of all, bravo also for clogging up your future customers’ arteries. Are your Triple Heart Attack Burgers selling quite as well as your GCB Chicken Burgers?

I hope I am not asking for much here. But for the sake of my happiness and many others, I would therefore like to ask your kind self to consider reuniting me with my GCB burger.

Yours sincerely,