raya morning

September 11, 2010

How was your Raya everyone?!!

Mine was pretty routine. Every year, I try to wake up early and I dream to sweep around the house and wave out to my neighbours, like how they do in Raya ads and movies. But I never seem to be able to due to the over-excitedness and binge-eating the night before. And I can’t wave to my neighbours because they have high fences.

So as usual, rushed like mad to get ready. It’s all a big blur and I suddenly find myself showered, dressed, made up and in Raya clothes.

Every year, Big Boss Momma decides our theme colour and we just nod in agreement. Neon yellow? Sounds great, Mom!

This year, she chose purple.

So there I was all ready in my purple baju Raya.

Came down and saw everyone in green!


Turned out sis and BIL came in green because that was BIL’s family’s theme colour this year. And dad just shrugged and said he just wore whatever Mom layed out for him on the bed.

Went to Mom. “I thought our baju raya was the purple one?!”

“Oh yeah!!!!!!! Oh I forgot all about that. Can’t be bothered to change now.”

Wow….age and depleting memory really goes hand in hand huh?

So I found something green in my closet and came down again to have breakfast with the family.

All my baju raya every year are usually pretty simple. I don’t like anything too fancy because I’ll be wearing it for the rest of the day so I need to be comfortable. And I expect to eat A LOT that day, so I need something loose and airy.Β Need to hide all those ketupat and rendangΒ somewhere right?Β So, I tend to go for a modern kurung, kurung kedah or kaftans. I hardly own any kebayas because I find them very restrictive. Having my nephew and niece around, chasing after them and jumping up and down with them, I’ll be sure to rip open any kebaya.

The the forgiveness ceremony.

The young will beg forgiveness from the elder.

“Mommy, Selamat Hari Raya and minta ampun for all my wrongdoings that you know and that you don’t know. Hehe.”

It’s the same sentence every single year, I think my parents are pretty bored with our lack of creativity.

Next year, I’ll give them an essay with all sorts of flowery words. Make them sit there and listen to me for a few minutes. Hehe.

The duit raya ceremony.

The best part; elders give money packets to the younger ones.

Makes up for our knee grazes from kneeling on the floor too long while begging for forgiveness.

Even Opah gives out duit raya ok!!

Opah putting money in the raya packets.

This year was the first year that I started giving out duit raya to kids. I have come to accept the fact that people don’t want to give me duit raya anymore. Therefore, MAYBE it was really my turn from now to actually give, not receive.

*cries blood*

I got raya packets from Bimba & Lola and used that to give people.

A refreshing break from the bank raya packets everybody usually gives duit raya in!

I gave my family members duit raya as well, including my parents! It’s a tradition that we all give each other!

The biggest one was from my parents. πŸ™‚

There was also one from Dean:

And my sister gave me duit raya too. I instantly knew which one was from her:

The one with MOTHERCARE on it.

But the best raya packet award definitely goes to my BIL.

Super cool right?!!

Like you could get RM 1 raya packets and put 100 bucks in there. The receiver will think aww man RM1, but when he opens it, he’ll find RM100!

Of course, if I were to give people, it’d be in a RM 100 raya packet. Inside, they will find RM 1.