September 21, 2010

My best friend is at this very moment sitting for one very important exam in her life.

She was basically living in her room for the past few weeks, studying her eyeballs off and not having a life. Her only communication to the outside world is through BBMs of groaning “WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!!!” “WHY AM I SO STUPID??!!!” “NEVER EVER OPT FOR SELF-STUDY!!!!” and then getting replies from me that usually consist of “SHHHH GO STUDY” “YEAH YEAH OK I’M SHOPPING BYE” “I DON’T KNOW WHY GOD HATES YOU, TOOTS.”

Sorry, it’s called tough love. She knows somewhere in my heart I love her and I’m praying to God to let her pass this hurdle with ease and flying colours.

A day before her exam, she probably looked like a zombie, afro-like hair, hands dragging on the floor only to the toilet and back. If she could shower on her chair, she probably would. It would be a very scary sight, so I decided to leave her alone to study without any normal people interrupting.

So, 2 days before her exam, I was such a sweet best friend. 🙂 (self praise IS praise, ok?)

I brought her lunch from Esprassamente and cupcakes from Bijoux (Bisou? I get confused with their many brands).

“Why’d you get all chocolate?? I want the vanilla ones.”

Clearly she left her manners in her study notes, because normal people response would be “OMG CUPCAKES I LOVE THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE SO AWESOME.”

We had lunch and I babbled on about my morning. I was the only one talking because she had nothing to update.

I had a glance at her notes. Wanted to quiz her to help her study, but shut up before I suggested the idea. Profit before something, net loss from a gazillion years ago, something tax, EPF, EMS… anyone would PMS over these notes.  I mean, they asked one question right…but the answer was like a book long.

No fun.

Toot’s sister is getting married this week, so we’re all on wedding mode extremely excited. Gushing over her new room, and flowers, and dresses…

Then we saw these….

A few nanoseconds later….


Girls will be girls, ok.

We don’t kacau you guys about your stupid Star Wars figurines.

So don’t kacau us if we walk around the house with Bride To Be tiaras holding hands.

After I thought Toots had had enough fun for the day, I did what any best friend would do.

Just be there next to her.

Unconscious. But really, no one’s keeping score…

God, help her through this paper, Insyaallah. You know she deserves it!