seven deadly sins

September 29, 2010

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What is the one item I can’t live without?

Well, I’m greedy, so I will never settle for one item. But one of them will definitely be….


When I travel, I always take it with me no matter how limited my suitcase space is. Squeeze!! I don’t trust hotel hair dryers.

Sorry la, girls being girls, covered with headscarf or not, we all pay attention to our hair. And if we don’t, we jolly well should.

Men, if you ever think we have another man in our lives…well…we do. His name is Mr. HairStylist and we tell him everything.

And for husbands, those credit card statements with HAIR SALON on it, you can gladly overlook, thank you, because it is important to your wife. You think she wakes up looking all glam with perfectly curled hair? No, honey, she went to the SALON when you were sleeping.

Forgive us, hair, for we have sinned.

Ladies, stop hiding.

We’ve all done at least one of these SEVEN DEADLY SINS.

1. Towel drying

An unknown fact to most, towel drying one’s hair can cause damage, more so when done in a rough, vigorous manner. It causes friction, breakage and frizzy hair.

OK, I can proudly say I don’t really do this.


2. Brushing hair

Excessive brushing or combing ones hair right out of the shower can seriously damage your hair. Hair is most vulnerable to breaks and tears when wet.

*Cough* back-combing *Cough*


3. Blow drying

Over drying one’s hair causes the strands to dry-out and then break.

Will we give it up, though? *Clutches hair dryer with dear life*



4. Colouring

Hair dyes damage and dry one’s hair and if done inappropriately can cause the hair to become rough, frizzy and easy to break

*Covers hair with towel* Say what now?

This is unfortunately my biggest sin out of the 7. Light, dark, I’ve done all sorts of tones.


5. Straightening & curling

Straightening hair on a regular basis causes it to become to drier, more frizzy and fragile, and in some cases if not managed properly can actually burn the hair.

Honestly, straight also wrong. Curly also wrong…..


6. Ponytails

Very tight braids or ponytails can damage hair, sometimes irreversibly. Buns, in particular, put strands of hair through considerable contortions and are not recommended for fragile or brittle hair. In addition to creating split, frayed ends and irregular broken areas, it pulls painfully on the scalp, causing redness and sensitivity.



7. Styling

Using variants of styling products such as gels, wax, clay also damages hair as it dries out the cuticle leaving hair dull, frizzy, rough and brittle.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. *sits on hair spray*

So, do this wrong. Do that also wrong. What you gonna do?

Find comfort in your BFF, Mr. Hairstylist, but of course.

Jokes aside, hair care is important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Styled or not, doesn’t matter. But it should definitely be kept clean and healthy.

It’s the top of our heads anyway. It starts from the top. If the top isn’t paid attention to, it’s most likely the bottom follows.

I just wish all that attention doesn’t have to damage the hair. It’s weird isn’t it? Wanting our hair to look good, but to do that, we damage it! :s How I wish I can style without feeling guilty! One guilt-free but looks-good head of hair, please?

How bout you ladies? Any sins you’ve committed on the hair? 😉