someone’s 30!

September 5, 2010


In the office, our Financial Controller and two of our Directors. Then there’s Dean’s brother and my friends too. A bit hard to do a big party in Ramadhan, so all the Ramadhan babies have to be patient and postpone their big party yeah? Hehe.

Our Financial Controller in the office turned a year older. Big number I cannot reveal hehe.

So, a 3-D calculator was very fitting as her birthday cake. She is never without one. Even going shopping with her overseas; she has a calculator in her bag!!

(Quite useful actually…I tend to do that too now!)

And then also, a super duper duper duper special person turned THE BIG 3-0.

Say hello, Along!!! Hehe. Come on, don’t be shy.

That’s right, my one and only sister is officially old, as she says it.

This was the big surprise I was busy planning…2 days before her birthday heheh.

BIL, Kak Sri and I were a bit kelam-kabut with the preparations as it was so last minute. Of course, in the end everything came together.

The only glitch was: My sister knew there was a surprise party for her.

But that’s no one’s fault though…I make her a surprise party every single year. *slaps forehead*


Someone asked me how I knew that she already knew about the surprise.

I looked knowingly at her hair. “She curled her hair..that’s why…” She would never do that for no reason. Pffttt.

One of my sister’s friend’s really cute son (he was actually in a commercial ad, so this is one child star to watch out for)

He was so cute that he kept hitting me with balloons all over the table!!

I swear, all I said was “Hi!!” and he chased me everywhere.

Kids hate me 🙁


My cousin and I camwhoring after we were so full we couldn’t eat anything else.

And what I was excited for the whole night….THE CAKE!!

I wanted something fun and cheerful to really represent my sister.

And I was thrilled when the cake lady produced this!

Like I said, Along, love you like fat kid and his friends love chocolate.

One wet sloppy one from meeeeee. Muaaaaahhhhhh! *saliva*

p/s: Along is the usual Malay nickname for the eldest. In Malay language, eldest is sulung. So after a while people tend to say Long. I call her Along because sometimes I take her money so she’s also my Ah Long. Geddit geddit… *roll of floor laughing* I’m so funny I cannot tahan.

Ok fineee..I’ll go now.