toddler manual

September 6, 2010

Raya is in 4 days!! Yayyyy!!!

BIL and sis did a family buka puasa in their new home.

Toots and I came bearing gifts.

Ok actually we didn’t. We just helped pick up cakes for my sister. And then we helped eat them.

Many of their relatives from both sides turned up and it was so nice to have a house FULL of people. It’s times like these that relatives have the chance to bond and catch up because otherwise, everyone is busy with their own lives!

But I wanted to faint when I saw how many kids there were!!!

The whole playroom was filled with kids running here and there, snatching toys from each other!

OMG cultural shock for me. Being in a very small family, I’m not used to all this!

This was just a fraction of the kids there that night.

I was all like, come let’s sit down and watch Annie’s Makeover (whoever she is..) nicely. But they were like Rawrrrrrr, Ahhhhh, Waaahhhh!!! And all sorts of other ways to basically say NO FREAKIN WAY WE’D RATHER FIGHT FOR TOYS.

Sighhh I really don’t have a way with kids.

Like this whole time, Little Nephew was gushing over this pink phone (which he SHOULDN’T have since it’s a girl’s toy). He was talking about it for like 10 minutes. Seriously!! What else can you say besides, “Oooh look a phone… Hello? Can I speak to so-and-so? Oh, she’s not in? Ok I’ll call back later. Bye!” And hang up. It’s silly enough to talk to yourself!! You also have to pretend to dial and make the Ring Ring sound out loud!!


I always give kids my biggest smile (probably why they run at first sight of it).

And then I always go, “Hello cutie! What’s your name?”

And all I get is a blank stare.

“Name….My name is Vivy. What’s YOUR name?”

Blank stare. Face scrunching up, about to cry.

“Why you cry? You can’t talk?”

And then I sound like a mafia.

Then someone will come and say, “He’s 1 !!! He can’t talk yet!!”

Oh. Well, someone should’ve stopped me!!

And then, I wouldn’t know what else to do with a 1 year-old since we can’t talk, so I move on to the slightly bigger kids.

I realise afterwards that 3 year-olds are too old for Peek-a-boo games because they roll their eyes at me.


I need a toddler manual. What to and what not to do with different age groups.

Look how hard I was trying with this one!! He didn’t even look at me!!

Oh well, they always say you’ll suddenly be all maternal when you have your own kids. Let’s hope they’re right! Otherwise, my kids are going to be the saddest kids in the world.

With Kak Sri, who was so not maternal. Now, she’s such a good mom. So maybe I’ve still got hope! Hehe.

My sister’s friends and Toots.

Dato’ Sheila Majid.

Seriously the most humble and classiest celebrity I’ve ever met. She’s always so cheerful and fun and super down to earth whenever I meet her, despite her string of awards and achievements! Inspiring!