babysitting duty

October 3, 2010

When anyone asks me to help babysit their children, I get a snort from the person next to me (usually a loved one).

“You want Miss Eww-Look-He’s-Got-Snot to look after your children?”



Ok, so I’m not running for Babysitter of The Year award or anything, but I can take care of them ok!! “Taking care” has many definitions anyway. Mine is just to make sure they’re still alive (to the extent of my control).

I was on babysitting duty last night!!

And I have mixed feelings about my experience.

Feeding time

Nephew refused to eat.

“Aren’t you going to be hungry?!!”

“I want to play with dinosaurs.”

“Oh ok have fun.”

Niece didn’t even wait for me to ask. She grabbed the soup using her hands. Sigh. Fun time that one…we finished a whole box of tissue because I insisted she wiped her hands clean at all times i.e. every few seconds.

We both had our own bowl of soup. My idea was that we eat together. You over there, me over here… usually accompanied by some dinner conversation, but “Puahsgjhegrjkshfkjh” was not a language I understood.

Anyway, Niece kept coming into my territory and compared my soup to hers. She found mine to be more interesting therefore decided to dip her hands into mine. How lovely. NO ONE touches my food!! But this was my niece. So I gave in and she finished my soup. And hers too.


Cleaning time

Nephew was all clean and stuff, but Niece needed some serious makeover after drinking soup from her fingers and the table top.

I took her clothes off and carried her into the shower. She was soooo excited!! I’m guessing she likes showering, which is good!

I looked at her and said, “Hold on OK. Maksu is going to get the shampoo and soap.” The shampoo and soap were just behind me. Don’t worry, I would never leave kids unattended near buckets of water.

I grabbed shampoo in one hand and soap in the other hand.

As I turn around to face her again, SPLASHHH!!!!

She took the bucket and poured it all over herself. She obviously thought I wanted to shower as well as she generously showered my legs.

“Nooo!! Wait..!!”

SPLASHH!! And there goes another one.

Sigh. So we both showered together. And then I realised something…I forgot to take off her diapers.

I can’t believe I showered my niece in her diapers!!!!!

*slaps self*

So we showered again. She was sooo happy, even cried when I carried her out of the toilet.

Me? Oh thanks for asking. I was just cold and drenched wet.


Pampers time

I have never ever put on diapers on anybody. Ever.

I refuse to even go near a diaper.

But I needed to suck it in. So I faced my fears. “It’s a giant pad. It’s just a giant pad. You know how to wear a pad!!”

I wiped my niece clean and put some powder on her. Then placed her carefully on half of the pampers. Ok.. fold the flap, make sure it’s not too tight and not too loose, take out the sticky thingy and stick on both sides. With pursed lips and full concentration, I did it! I think my niece wanted to laugh at me.

And voila!!! Done!!!!

I was soo happy, you have no idea. My first pampers experience.

My maid came into the room.

“Ya Allah!!!!! Pampers terbalik, Vivy!!”


So the sticker thing was supposed to be at the front??? Well, in my defence, I think either way also can. Pfttt.

Failed at first attempt. But practice makes perfect. So I took it off and put it on the other way around.

And clapped my hands in glee.

My niece also clapped her hands for me, but to be fair, she’ll clap her hands at a tree.


Sleeping time

Oh dear God, I have so much respect for parents.

It was not easy trying to get them to sleep!! They kept wanting to talk and play in bed and they kept rolling around here and there. I shoved milk bottles into their mouths and turned off the light. I pretended to sleep with them and just stayed silent. They kept silent too. After a few minutes, I was so happy that they’ve fallen asleep.

Suddenly, the two little cute voices….

“Maksu, dah habish,” and shoved the bottles into my nose. It was dark, I don’t blame them. I blame myself.

So, the loves of my life continued laughing and playing again.

I just kept silent and pretended to sleep, hoping they’d follow suit.

Finally, the big brother fell asleep. And little sister follows everything he does, so she slept too.

At one point, it was so quiet I felt quite lonely. I wished they would wake up. Haha. They were right in front of me but I missed them. I watched them sleep and they just looked so adorable! So angelic and peaceful. I kissed them gently and left them for a while to get ready for bed. Came back, and slept with them till the next morning.

They were not difficult at all while they were sleeping. They didn’t wake up in the middle of the night or anything. But mannn they were restless! They kept kicking and moving around during many intervals during the night.

In the morning, I found us to be like this….

I got woken up by them bright and early.

“Maksu, nak shushu.”


When will they say “Good morning, Maksu. What would you like for breakfast?”

Jokes aside, I can’t imagine not having my nephew and niece. They bring so much colour into my small family and life wouldn’t be complete anymore without them. πŸ™‚

But seriously…there won’t be any Proudduck Babysitting Service Sdn Bhd anytime soon.