balance act

October 10, 2010


Sergio Rossi event in Starhill in conjunction with Harper’s Bazaar.

It was an intimate event and I was lucky to be invited.

Shoes, shoes and more shoessss. I’m not a HUGE shoe fan, but which girl can resist?

Couldn’t resist exercising my credit card….

Love these flats!!

Fashion shows and events are nice, but I still have to come down to earth and work. There’s got to be some kind of balance!

There was a SIRIM factory audit recently and I was in the factory the whole day. Was prepared for it, dropped the whole corporate suit look and put on leggings and flats. I knew I would be in the unglamorous environment of hot sun and cement mixers, so my stilettos had a good rest in the shoe closet.

Top: Pop Look

Leggings: Topshop

Leopard print flats: Kurt Geiger

I couldn’t attend a Bimba & Lola event I was invited to. Was pretty disappointed because I loveee Bimba & Lola that my wardrobe has a Bimba & Lola section on its own!

Dean was so sweet. He finished work and decided to drop by the event on my behalf. He grabbed one of his unlucky colleagues named Joe (who wrote a mass email at work about my blog, I’m going to smack him…) and off the two men went to this fashion show, all awkward and lost.

Then, they saw models and the world seemed bright again.

They finally understood why men attend fashion shows.

Dean proudly showed me pictures. “Look, I even took pictures of the hot models to show you.”


“Thank you very much. You are too kind.”

He IS kind though. He knew my love for Bimba & Lola is pretty high up there, so he brought me back some goodie bags and clothes!

Have I mentioned he is the most awesomest ever?